Serialized TV 2014-15 – Renewed Or Cancelled?


Use our handy scorecard to keep track of the renewal/cancellation status of your favorite serialized TV shows that premiered during the 2013/14 season, to see whether or not they will return in the 2014-15 season.

Green = Renewed
Red = Cancelled

Last updated: Feb 26, 2015

Broadcast Network


Revenge –  Officially renewed for Season 4.
Once Upon A TimeOfficially renewed for Season 4.
ScandalOfficially renewed for Season 4.
Agents Of SHIELDOfficially renewed for Season 2.
BetrayalOfficially cancelled after one season.
Resurrection – Officially renewed for Season 2.
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland – Officially cancelled after one season.
Mistresses – Officially renewed for Season 3


Person Of InterestOfficially renewed for Season 4
Under The Dome – Officially renewed for Season 3
Extant – Officially renewed for Season 2
The Good Wife – Officially renewed for Season 6
HostagesCanceled after one season
IntelligenceRumored cancellation | Officially cancelled after one season.


The Following – Officially renewed for Season 3.
24: Live Another Day – TBD (possibility of future return)
Almost HumanOfficially cancelled after one season
Gang RelatedOfficially cancelled after one season
Sleepy Hollow – Officially renewed for Season 2.


GrimmOfficially renewed for Season 4.
RevolutionOfficially cancelled after two seasons.
Hannibal – Officially renewed for Season 3.
BelieveOfficially cancelled after one season.
The Blacklist – Picked up for full season | Officially renewed for full 22-episode Season 2
Crossbones – Officially cancelled after one season
CrisisOfficially cancelled after one season.
DraculaOfficially cancelled after one season.
Emerald CityOfficially cancelled ahead of planned 2015 launch

The CW

ArrowOfficially renewed for Season 3.
NikitaSeries ended after fourth season.
Supernatural – Renewed for Season 10.
The Vampire Diaries – Renewed for Season 6.
ReignRenewed for Season 2.
Star-Crossed (fka Oxygen) — Officially cancelled after one season.
The 100Officially renewed for Season 2.
The Originals – Renewed for Season 2.
The Tomorrow People – Officially cancelled after one season.

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  1. RickTerry says

    Only thing missed was Continuum season 2 on Syfy beginning Fri June 7th @10pm est – 9pm central.

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  2. WaySeeker says

    Warehouse 13 has been renewed on SYFY, for it’s final season. I saw it on their official FaceBook page.

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  3. Red Balloon says

    Wonderful work!
    maybe these ones?
    ABC – Cancelled – Red Widow
    HBO – Renewed – The Newsroom
    HBO – Renewed – Boardwalk Empire
    BBC – New – In the Flesh – Jun 6, Thursdays 10pm
    BBC – New – The White Queen – TBA (rumor from Philippa Gregory “sometime in the spring” still waiting… :S)
    NBC – Pending/stand by – Hannibal

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  4. sorosh says

    hi there
    i want to watching more season from dracula series pls making that i think its amazing for me and a lot of peoples
    pls tell me if you have any news about that
    best wishes for you

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  5. says

    Please renew believe NBC Sucks for not renewing one of the best program’s we here in the UK love it. what did it do wrong? Return it for second series as being first time it takes time to pick up give it a chance.

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  6. says

    Continuum is a brilliant show with creative ( and unexpected ) plot development. A quality production that challenges our imaginations. It’s problem is easy to solve. Friday night for any show is a death sentence. It killed Star Trek, Firefly, and many other good shows. I have not seen any promotion for this show. Aside from that everybody who sees it, really likes it. With all the handicaps SyFy Channel gives it I feel it does extremely well considering 10pm Friday night slot. SyFy, Showcase, needs this show to keep its quality of programing to the highest standards. You have a good fan base and have invested money in a great show, now step up and give it some promotion and a better time slot or cut it some slack for the bad time slot. We are watching it on DVD recording, Tivo and best of all: Blu ray with DTS HD Sound. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A GIANT MISTAKE . THIS SHOW IS A HIDDEN GEM WITH A HUGH CULT FOLLOWING. YOU WILL MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!

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  7. says

    Im my humble opinion Showcase is producing some of the best shows on TV. It is the executives that renew the shows at Showcase that need canceling!

    Continuum is one of the best shows in years.
    What is Showcase’s problem? SyFy is willing to renew. It has the worst TV slot, Friday nights at 10pm and it still does very good. If they are waiting for some “magic results” in their ratings during re-runs, then they should find another job. The show is in “limbo” waiting to see if it will be renewed. Why would people invest time or money in a show that may be cancelled? These “brainiacs” at Showcase are just hurting the show and themselves. Continuum, with it’s modest production budget, pathetic advertising and horrific time slot stands out as one of the best shows on TV. The sooner they renew the show, the more money they will make, because money is ALL they care about. Defiance (another very good show) is from Showcase and they are using the same “backwards tactics” on that show also. It is so rare that we get a great show like Continuum. Please do not cancel the show because of a couple of stupid and lazy Showcase executives.

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  8. Bert White says

    Happy to see Agents Of SHIELD (ABC), Resurrection (ABC) (kinda, want to see what happens next), Sleepy Hollow (FOX), Hannibal (NBC), The Blacklist (NBC), The Walking Dead (AMC), American Horror Story (FX), Sons Of Anarchy (FX), The Strain (FX) (kinda, want to see what happens next), Outlander (Starz), Power (Starz), Orange Is The New Black (Netflix), and Vikings (History) all get renewed as I watch them all with various degrees of enjoyment but find them entertaining enough to keep watching none the less.

    Disappointed about Almost Human (FOX), Revolution (NBC), Believe (NBC), and Crossbones (NBC). Almost Human had pleanty of interesting routes it could have taken, Revolution I loved the general idea although thought the Aaron being able to catch people on fire was the start of the decay of the show but I still enjoyed it none the less, Crossbone was interesting and I’d of loved to see episodes showing how Blackbeard gained his reputation, and the most shocking to me was Believe which had a good original plot and provided a good positive message plus I pictured after a few seasons Bo keeps on helping out people and another agency tries to hunt her down until the last season of the series she gets cornered and there’s no escape the world finds out about her and are terrified of her powers until ALL of the people come forward talking about how she helped them and that she was a hero and not a threat. That would have been the proper ending to the show in my opinion.

    What this tells me is that NBC can find good entertaining shows that I enjoy, but they don’t keep them around that long… But I’m still bitter that they canceled The Black Donnellys though heheh. But on the bright side they’re bringing us such potentially high quality shows like Bad Judge, Mr. Robinson, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, One Big Happy, and Marry Me (alright I’m actually kind of curious on this one since the “hate nacho bit was kind of funny, but her voice, it’s like the second coming of Fran Drescher)… Oh JOY *sarcasm*

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  9. sam says

    if the RECTIFY cancelled my hearth will breaking
    please making the new so much seasons for me and a lot of fans
    i have watched two season for 5 times but i cant stop watching
    this is different tv series for specially peoples all of the world
    i advice just watching this tv-series , i could telling you it is wonderful amazing one for all of time

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  10. says

    In the USA Continuum has the worst time slot of any show. Nobody has heard of it. AND it still does very well. Every person I have shown this show to has been very impressed with the exceptional storyline, scripts, casting and all production in general. You have a fantastic show. SyFy Channel has agreed to pick up. Thousands by the DVD and Blu Ray. What is the problem? Renew the show. The greatest books of all time are not the “best sellers”. I know this is nothing else but about company profits. You will make a profit. This show will show that Showcase is concerned and cares about the quality of programing the company choses to promote. With Defiance, Lost Girl and other new shows in your selection, Continuum is miles above in quality of programing. Continuum brings accountability and credibility to your line up. Renew the show please. ALL OF YOU, GET OFF YOUR ASSES! Use this letter, write your own, do something! Only Shaw aka Showcase can save this show. AND YOU! They work off of numbers. Flood them with letters – E-mails in huge numbers that we want Continuum Season 4!

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  11. says


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