Serialized Bites: Which Serialized Show Does Ben Want To Sink His Teeth Into?

Time for another digestible bite of serialized television. Head past the jump to find out which serialized show Lost’s Michael Emerson (aka Ben Linus) wouldn’t mind sinking his teeth into.

PLUS, news and tidbits from the worlds of The Walking Dead, Warehouse 13, Spooks/MI-5, Lost, Chuck, and Dexter.

As always, spoilers are introduced in red.

Michael Emerson fancies a stint on True Blood:

“Whenever I see Alan Ball, he says, ‘I must write something for you,’ and I say, ‘I’ll be there in a heartbeat.’ So we have an understanding and liking of one another. I certainly think he’s a fantastic talent and maybe they’ll find some little tidbit for me next season.”

[via: E! Online]

The Walking Dead now has its own iPhone app:

It’s easily your most mobile option for getting the latest news, exclusive sneak peeks, cast and crew interviews and insider video including behind the scenes footage from AMC’s The Walking Dead blog and video channel.

[download here]

Spooks aka MI-5 is being adapted for American Television:

ABC Studios has closed a deal for the rights to Spooks, known in the U.S. as MI-5, with Kudos Rights LTD, a division of the Shine Group-owned British production company Kudos Film and Television which produces the BAFTA-winning original series. Michael Seitzman has been tapped to write and executive produce the adaptation, which has received a script order from ABC. But I hear it’s still to be determined if the spooks will be American or British.

Sidenote: With NBC’s Undercovers airing this fall, it looks like ABC wanted a shiny spy drama of their own. Although Undercovers will be much more light-hearted than MI-5.

[via: Deadline]

Lost cast photo (one of the very last, I presume) from the final issue of the official Lost Magazine. I’m not sure what Boone is doing in the middle (no offence to Somerhalder fans but season 6 wasn’t exactly Boone-crazy):

[via Susan / SL-Lost]

The original Bionic Woman, Lindsay Wagner, is returning to television with a recurring role on Warehouse 13. She’ll play warehouse doctor Vanessa Calder.

[via: various]

Season 4 Chuck tidbit:

Armand Assante will be back on Chuck this season as Alejandro Goya, the king premier of Costa-Gravas, but this time he’s bringing his woman with him! Yep, look for Mrs. Goya to appear in episode four; producers are hoping to find a major name to play the part.

[via: E! Online]

Season 5 Dexter tidbit:

You’ve heard that Dex will be going back to the dark side in season four, but it looks like he’ll be going back to do a few other things, too—like finishing what he started way back at the beginning. Any potential victims come to mind? Will the Dark Passenger revisit other things from his past, too? Hmm…

[via: E! Online]

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  1. Page 48 says

    Roco, I think that “Spooks” coming to ABC should officially put to rest any question of an “Alias” reboot (which was always a long shot). I’m guessing that their spy show thirst has been quenched.

    Choice is good, but right now, the spy scales tip heavily in favour of the lighthearted fare (“Chuck”, the bland “Covert Affairs”, the soon-to-be-disappointing “Undercovers”, the easy-breezy “Burn Notice”), so I would like to see ABC’s version of “MI-5” play a little hardball, the way “Alias” did. Just because the network is afraid to go anywhere near Rambaldi-like mythology, doesn’t mean mean they have to cross the border into dramedy country.

    Here’s a thought: Michelle Ryan could play a British spook pretending to be an American spook. She would still have to fake an accent, but at least we could acknowledge that she’s British. Baby steps.

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    • says


      Good point. “Spooks” should fill their quota for the foreseeable future. The adaptation possibly suggests that they were at least considering rebooting Alias in the not too distant future. As you said though, it was always a long shot (and I’m not convinced it would have worked without the original cast/creators).

      I’ve already placed Undercovers in my non-essential viewing box so as not to be disappointed when it turns all gooey. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised, as it does have the potential to intrigue, but I long for something less..candy-pop. It doesn’t have to be too crazy, but hopefully MI-5 will offer a good alternate (in style) to Undercovers.

      Goodness! What IS Michelle Ryan doing these days? I like your idea, but after seeing her in an episode of Doctor Who (during my marathon catch-up/rewatch) I’ll need to erase that character from my mind first. That said, she’s always good to watch for other reasons, an accent. :)

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