Serial Bites: The Walking Dead Scares Up Own Magazine, L.A. Noir Nears Series Order


Today’s bite-sized serial menu brings news and tidbits from the worlds of The Walking Dead, Burn Notice, Weeds, Dallas, The Newsroom, L.A. Noir and Doctor Who.

  • From comic to TV serial, not to mention action figures; video games; and a talk show – now The Walking Dead is making the leap to its own magazine. Titan Magazines and Skybound have hooked up to produce the quarterly title which promises an inside look at AMC serial and the comic on which it is based. The first issue will comprise 100 pages and include an alternate cover featuring a colored zombie scene by The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard. The magazine will only be available through comic book stores. What’s next, the farm? [THR]
  • José Zúñiga joins Burn Notice as a vicious cocaine smuggler. Per TV Line, he’ll appear in the current season’s 11th episode as Vasquez, a “clever and sadistic” Panamanian drug lord who isn’t afraid to use torture to locate a missing cocaine shipment.
  • Showtime are offering Weeds fans an early look at the Season 7 premiere. That’s if you’re willing to watch the premiere of Episodes.
  • TNT will run a five-hour Dallas marathon on July 4, beginning at 5/4c. Catch up on the first four episodes before the story continues with a new episode at 9PM.
  • The Newsroom creator Aaron Sorkin shared his take on some of the key differences between ‘TV and HBO’ in a recent fan Q&A:

One of the challenges with TV is that TV historically had a very passive relationship with it’s audience. People watch TV when they’re flipping through a magazine, watching dinner or talking on the phone. The HBO audience is used to watching a TV show the way they’d watch a movie or a play- from beginning to end. The other difference is that while we want as many people as possible to watch the show, it matters who is watching the show. With HBO, you get end credits and the reason why that’s important is that the last moment of a song, or a book or a play or a movie or an episode of TV is meant to resonate. With a show on one of the broadcast networks you can have one of the last moments and immediately have to smash cut into a commercial, not allowing it to resonate. When you have end titles you have music allowing the audience to breath and really experience the end of a show.

  • Frank Darabont‘s period crime drama L.A. Noir is nearing a series order at TNT, according to Deadline.
  • We’re still crossing our fingers that Doctor Who‘s upcoming seventh series has enough arc story to feed our appetites. In the meantime, the title for the opening episode has been revealed as: “Asylum of the Daleks”. Executive Producer Carol Skinner keeps mum on the details, but teased:

“This is an epic Dalek adventure that kicks off the new series in explosive style! If you think you know all there is to know about the Daleks, think again.”

 [BBC via esn|Seriable Forums]

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