Serial Bites: Terra Nova Props Go Under The Hammer, True Blood Snags New Showrunner


Today’s bite-sized serial menu brings news and tidbits from the worlds of Terra Nova, True Blood, Revenge, and the long-awaited Star Wars TV series.

  • Any lingering hopes of a Terra Nova revival are now doubly extinct as the show’s props go under the hammer [Daily Telegraph].
  • True Blood has a new showrunner for the upcoming fifth season in the shape of Mark Hudis who takes over the reigns from Alan Ball who stepped dow earlier this year [EW]
  • Revenge creator Mike Kelley teases the season finale and Emily’s hunt for the white-haired man as payback for her father’s death [EW]:

“He has all of the information, and there’s this weird kind of respect between the two of them. What we tried to do was try to emulate the Clarice Darling and Hannibal Lecter relationship, because it’s oddly sort of sympathetic or empathetic. It’s really interesting — they’re both cut from the same cloth. They’re mortal adversaries, but they have a respect for each other, and it’s a really interesting relationship.

  • Rick McCallum issues a Stars Wars TV series update — the project is still coming but it’s another couple of years away, at least, due to current technological/financial factors. Also, it might not be called “Underworld” after all. [IGN]

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  1. matt says

    oh man forgot about the sw tv show! something other than game of thrones to look forwrd to now that fringe is ending and everything else good in the entire history of time gets cancelled by fox!… shame about Terra Nova though…

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