Today’s bite-sized serial menu serves news and tidbits from the worlds of Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Grimm, Warehouse 13, Last Resort and Arrested Development.

A first-look at Joel McHale in Sons Of Anarchy Season 5 has been posted by The Hollywood Reporter:

  • Breaking Bad boss Vince Gilligan payed a visit to Conan O’Brien recently. He spoke about the fan-favorite serial and shared a new clip from an upcoming episode in which Skyler tells Walt: “I’m not you wife, I’m your hostage”. Check it out in the player below (sneak peek kicks in at 2:48):

  • The cast of Grimm share what it takes to make the show’s creatures come to life in this new NBC video:

  • Warehouse 13 — “There Always A Downside” (Aug. 13) sneak peek:

  • Last Resort — “Nothing But Water”-themed Promo #2:

My son, arriving yesterday

“My son, arriving yesterday”

Arrested Development Netflix - Photos

“A grandson, looking for his Gangee”

  • Jason Bateman has tweeted more photos from the Arrested Development set (above) and first day of filming (below):
Arrested Development Netflix - Photos

“First day. Away we go…”

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  1. fedorafadares says

    Love that they call Lucille “Gangee!” It’s like a weird riff of the word gangrene.

    Welcome back, Bluths!

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