Serial Bites: LOST Alum Joins Sons Of Anarchy, Sherlock Series 3 Filming & Arc News


Today’s bite-sized serial menu brings news and tidbits from Sons Of Anarchy, Arrow, Game Of Thrones, and Sherlock.

  • LOST alum Harold Perrineau has joined the cast of Sons Of Anarchy for the upcoming fifth season. Perrineau will play the pivotal role of Damon Pope, the ex-drug boss whose daughter was [SPOILER] murdered by Tig in the Season 4 finale. SOA creator Kurt Sutter told TV Line:

“I definitely wanted to lay some track for Season 5 and put some complications already on Jax’s shoulder as he’s sitting at the head of the table. He’s already got a problem [going into Season 5].”

  • A second Arrow promo has arrived:

Stephen Amell (the Arrow) on what distinguishes the new CW series from the Green Arrow character from Smallville [TV Line]:

“People will realize within five minutes of watching the [Arrow] pilot that other than in name, the characters don’t have anything in common.”

“They’re both in  DC universes. but those universes are very, very different. [Arrow is] sort of like [The Dark Knight director] Chris Nolan’s DC universe, where nobody has superpowers, while in Smallville a lot of people had powers. That’s a fundamental difference.”

  • Game Of Thrones‘ Richard Madden (Robb Stark) teased the serial’s upcoming ‘Battle of the Blackwater’ which takes place in the May 27 installment. He told E!:

I’m really excited to see a certain battle that happens. Season one viewers were a bit mad that they didn’t get to see enough of the battle, but anyone that missed out on the battle last year is not going to be disappointed with the battle this year. It’s going to be awesome.”

  • Digital Spy caught up with Sherlock exec. producer Steven Moffat, who revealed that shooting for the third series begins in January 2013 and teased the upcoming arc:

Is series three of Sherlock now in the planning stages?
“Well, we’ve had meetings about it. It’s certainly happening and we know when we’re filming it – we shoot in January. Obviously I’ve got quite a lot of work on between now and January!

“So yes, it’s all happening and we’ve had our first few meetings. I don’t think a word has been committed to paper yet, but nearly.”

Have you decided which Conan Doyle stories you’re going to adapt this time?
“Yes – and that’s not to say that it won’t change at all as it goes along, because it always does. But broadly speaking, yes, we have our arc and we know what we’re going to cover. The writing depends to some degree on spontaneity so you give yourself a big enough framework to improvise within.”

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