Serial Bites: Grimm Season 2 Monster, House Of Cards, Nikita, Supernatural

Grimm - Season 1

Today’s bite-sized serial menu brings news and tidbits from the worlds of Grimm, House Of Cards, Nikita and Supernatural.

  • Here’s a first-look at Grimm Season 2′s first monster, “Mauvais Dentes” (via EW) — this vicious saber-toothed creature is “the worst thing that’s ever come; he can kill a whole village,” according to EP David Greenwalt, who adds: “And he acts like a cat, so he likes to rope you in and play with you a little bit and observe you. He’ll never be predictable.” In addition, fellow EP Jim Kouf says the Season 2 monsters will be more proactive in their pursuit of Nick, saying: “It’s more focused on Nick now,” he says. “Before, it was catch what [monsters] came across his desk. These are more directed toward him.”
  • Broadway’s Sebastian Arcelus has joined Netflix’s upcoming original series House Of Cards. Arcelus will play newspaper editor Lucas Goodwin in the David Fincher-produced political drama. [Deadline].
  • As previously revealed, Amanda (Melinda Clarke) is set to be the ‘big bad’ of Nikita Season 3 in an arc that the spy serial will gradually build towards. TV Line have a time-stamp on her arrival – apparently she will appear by the November sweeps.
  • BSG alum Ty Olsson has joined the upcoming eighth season of the CW’s Supernatural in a pivotal role, TV Line reports. Olsson will play Benny, “a dark and dangerous vampire who helps Dean escape from purgatory.” The character, who will debut in the Oct. 3 premiere, was teased during the show’s Comic-Con panel last weekend with Jensen Ackles saying:

“It’s like, ‘I need you and you need me.’ And of course, he’s not a good guy. That character stands to pose a bit of an issue for Dean because maybe there are things that Dean has hidden that he doesn’t want to tell Sam that happened in purgatory.”

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