Serial Bites: Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn Joins Fox’s Broadchurch, Almost Human Debuts Solid And More!

breaking bad anna gunn

  • Anna Gunn‘s next big move after Breaking Bad will be on Fox’s limited series adaptation of British crime drama Broadchurch. She joins Jacki Weaver on the 10-episode series, titled Gracepoint. Per Variety, Gunn will co-star opposite David Tennant as Det. Ellie Miller, who reluctantly works a murder case in a seaside town with the new partner who got the promotion she was expecting. Weaver will play Susan Wright, a mysterious woman who moves into the town’s RV park.
  • Almost Human debuted to a solid 3.1 in adults 18-49 and 9.1 million viewers on Sunday night. [Deadline]
  • HBO has released a behind the scenes look at its upcoming crime drama True Detective:

  • FX has put into development an event series chronicling Rasputin, Deadline reports. Per FX, the event series, from Indian film director Shekhar Kapur, centers on “one of the most controversial characters in history who is held responsible for bringing down the Russian Empire and changing the course of the world as we know it” while answering the question, “who was he really beyond the folklore, a true healer or the greatest charlatan the world has known?” The script will be penned by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring, based on the upcoming book Rasputin: Dark Forces And The Fall of The Romanovs by Douglas Smith.


  1. RickTerry says

    Having watched and loved Broadchurch, I REALLY REALLY hope Gracepoint isn’t just an exact retelling of Broadchurch. I mean really, Broadchurch was aire here in America on BBCA so there is not really a need to make an american Version unless, that is, they can change it up, and make it better. But from the looks of it thus far it seems like they are hellbent on copying Broadchurch down to the characters. I guess it is still honestly too early to tell, but i have a bad feeling about this. Why do TV execs have to regurgitate good shows? Remakes, are hardly ever better or even as good as originals, with very few exceptions.

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • Page 48 says

      Yeah, a carbon copy seems unnecessary. I don’t mind them cloning the characters, but they should come up with a new murder to solve.

      Like: Thumb up 1

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