Serial Bites: Breaking Bad Casting New Gus? Margarita Levieva In Revenge Return


On today’s bite-sized serial menu, news and tidbits from the worlds of Breaking Bad, Revenge and The Killing.

Breaking Bad is on the peep for Gus 2.0. Well, it certainly sounds that way. The AMC serial is searching for an actor in his 40s or 50s to play the “quietly powerful and imposing” Geoff during the show’s final eight episodes. [TV Line]

Revenge‘s Margarita Levieva, who once switched identities with Emily/Amanda (Emily VanCamp), will return in Season 2. She’s slated to appear in at least seven of the first 14 episodes in chapter two. [Deadline]

The Killing’s Joel Kinnaman reflects on Det. Holder hitting rock bottom earlier in the second season. He tells EW about his frame of mind during the bridge of despair scene:

[By] acting like a crazy person. [Laughs] It’s difficult because it’s one of those scenes that takes a lot out of me to get there. It’s embarrassing to go around and be emotional at that level in front of a bunch of people that you only know a little bit. [You know] it’s all pretend, but it has to be real. You have to go over the top with yourself. The only way for it not to be embarrassing is if it’s really real. That’s the pressure that I put on myself. It’s a very concentrated day on set for me. It was shot on a bridge, so I did a lot of pacing on the bridge by myself, considering what it would be like to jump off the bridge and stuff like that. It’s like surrounding yourself with the character’s thoughts for a long period of time, and they connect to thoughts and experiences that I’ve had in my own life.

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