Serial Bites: Boardwalk Empire & Treme Season 3 Dates, Arrow 3-Season Plan


Today’s bite-sized serial menu brings news and tidbits from the worlds of Boardwalk Empire, Treme, Arrow, Boss, Damages and Dexter.

  • The third season of Boardwalk Empire will launch its 12-episode run Sunday, Sept. 16 at 9PM on HBO, while Treme makes its third season bow the following week on Sunday, Sept. 23 at 10PM [THR]
  • Arrow EP Mark Guggenheim says there’s a 3 year game-plan for the upcoming CW series. Speaking to The Outhousers Podcast, Guggenheim said:

“We have plans for what Episode 22 would be, and we have plans for what Seasons 2 and 3 would be about. With any luck, we get to tell all those stories.”

  • Starz has unveiled the poster art for the new season of Boss (above), bearing the tagline “Power Consumes Everyone”. [TV Guide]
  • Rose Byrne spoke to TV Line about the final season of Damages and why she believes it delivers a satisfying conclusion:

“We really go into Ellen’s psychology in terms of her family and in terms of the dynamics of her family and how much that has shaped her and affected her. There’s a lot of stuff with her mother. We rediscover a lot of things that are going on there. And, obviously, there’s the Ellen-Patty relationship… It’s really haunting stuff. Ellen is very haunted this season — more than ever. We also get to see her grapple with power and the idea of gaining her power and being unapologetic about it. And also, how far is she going to go to win against Patty, who has basically ruined her life?”

Here’s the Dexter Early Cuts “All In The Family” web series trailer:

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