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  • Dexter could be getting a new lady-love partner-in-crime in the upcoming seventh season [TV Guide]:

“We’re hearing that we’ll meet a new lady with a violent past this season — but we also hear she’s actually expected to stick around for a while. She’s now trying to live a quiet life… until she meets Dexter.”

  • Brea Grant wants closure for her Dexter character Ryan but isn’t sure if she’s coming back to the Showtime serial [FearNet]:

I don’t know. I would love to go back. I’m glad you said that – I didn’t feel like my character had much closure either! Shows like Dexter I feel are a lot more “planned” than shows like Heroes. With Heroes, I was supposed to be there for two episodes, but they liked me, and I ended up doing 17. Dexter, they kind of always knew my character was going to go in episode four. I’d like to think that people love me and I became very memorable and they want to bring me back. I hope they bring me back.

  • Supernatural actor Jim Beaver explains how he ‘pulled a fast one’ on the show’s fanbase to throw them off the scent [SPOILER] of his character’s recent return [EW]:

“[The producers] didn’t really say anything to me other than ‘Keep it quiet,’” he says. “But I knew I was going to get spotted. I was going to go to the grocery store and someone was going to say that I was here and [assume] I’m coming back to life. So I needed a cover story and made up this story about an abominable snowman movie that I was shooting an hour out of Vancouver. And it turned into something really fun.”

  • Gwendoline Christie discusses her Game Of Thrones character Brienne of Tarth in an interview with SFX:

“I wanted the part so very badly because from reading the books the character was so like elements of myself and the kind you’d always want to play. I’ve not come across a part like this before, whereby the complexities of being an extremely tall woman are explored. So I decided I had to go all out for it.”

Sky Atlantic’s Thronecast has released their interviews the Game Of Thrones cast and producers:

Mad Men‘s Vincent Kartheiser discusses Pete’s state of mind. [TV Line]



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