Seriable Poll: Who Is Your Favorite FALLING SKIES Character So Far?

Since Falling Skies will be on our screens for at least one more season, and with the current season reaching some form of maturity, we thought it would be interesting to find out which of our ‘Fallies’ you are most connecting with so far.

Head past the jump to add your vote to today’s Falling Skies character poll.

Who is you favorite Falling Skies character so far?

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  1. says

    I have a predilection for all things Moon Bloodgood. But aside from that I like how her character, Glass, stood up to Weaver and called him out on the civilians role. They are not just “eaters” and they play a vital function in support of the fighters. I do think her role is a bit underwritten and I wonder if her last name is supposed to reflect some sort of fragility in her character.

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  2. AnotherRandomGuy says

    Y do people vote for ben mason? Really they take a manipulated and mindless zombie as a fav character over the likes of tom and pope?

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