Seriable Poll: Summer Glau’s Most Glowing Genre Performance?

Today’s Seriable poll asks: Summer Glau has starred in many much-loved genre television shows, but which of them represents her best performance?

Head past the jump to select your choice.

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Here’s Summer Glau’s IMDB if you want to find out more about her TV appearances before voting:

Summer Glau's Best Genre TV Role?

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  1. thierry says

    I voted TSCC because i’m a huge fan of the serie but i hope Summer Glau will have lots of success with The Cape.

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  2. manof says

    Joss Whedon must have killed someone’ss grandmother because Fox seems to hate anything he does and anyone connected to him.

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  3. daren says

    I will only watching The Cape for Summer Glau. Directors etc do not see what we see. Give her what she deserves, a great roll and she will come up trumps.

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  4. jack says

    Voted for Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles.
    I love Summer Glau’s acting. I think it is the fragility she brings to her characters. Whether it is the damaged robot in TSCC or the scarred and fractured scientist from Dollhouse, Summer can really bring it.

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  5. Ilovesummer says

    John Connor : “I came across time for you Cameron, I love you, I always have. Even if you look like John Henry for a while until we can capture a new TOK715 chassis.”

    Can’t wait till next year for The Cape!

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  6. yougray says

    From the very start I loved Watching Cameron,/Summer Glau. In my years of watching robotic figures on TV I have never ever seen anyone portray it like the way Summer could she was so fantastic! I am very happy to be her fan and want to see more from her:)

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  7. Lucic says

    You should check out The 4400, she wasn’t nearly as focal of a character but it’s a really enjoyable show and when she does make her appearances she is fantastic. Once again plays a very abnormal character (prodigy who suffered traumatizing government brain modification, cybernetic organism, and paranoid schizophrenic who was further changed by a mass alien abduction and return).

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