Seriable Poll: How Did The Dead Start Walking – Does It Matter?

Spoilers if you haven’t seen the first season of The Walking Dead.

Today’s Seriable Poll asks: With the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead in our rearview. Does it matter that we are yet to get an answer to what caused the actual zombie infection? More to the point, will it ever matter?

If this were LOST, I’d hasten to guess that such a fundamental question would demand an answer at some point – if not by the story, then by the fans. But do you get the same overriding ‘need’ to know the backstory of the zombie onset? Does it matter to you as a viewer whether or not we get an answer?

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How did the Dead start Walking – Does it matter to you?

The Walking Dead: What Caused the Zombie Infection - Does It Matter?

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Please feel free to share this poll with other Dead fans. We’ll be doing a follow-up post on this very question before the second season of The Walking Dead commences.

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  1. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    I’d like an answer. It wouldn’t spoil the “serialbility” because the next step would be to look for a cure and so on. I just hope they don’t get “Lost” in it all.

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  2. TomC says

    Im not too bothered about how it started, it would probably end up being the old George ‘Hell is Full’ Romero or Virus scenario (a pre-dinosaur-aincent or alien virus could be interesting though).

    I just hope they show more of what it was like when the tonne of poop landed on the handheld fan. The hospital scene was a little glimpse into it that showed how desperate and dangerous it was because of the zombies AND humans\soldiers.

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  3. Fidel Gutierrez says

    I would like to know where and how it started. It leaves a standing question. Like another zombie movie it just starts. No real beginning. Just… The Walking Dead. Lol! Great show!

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  4. dee gee says

    I think it should be told. how thing got that way. either the zomibes just ends or i cure is found. Now i think it doesnt matter as long as the story is entertaining.

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  5. Tomic says

    I think that the creators wanted to “skip” the usual stuff that a virus got out.They choosed that its better to leave this in the endles imagination of the viewers.It can be milion stories on how it got out.Bioterrorism it could be one of many.

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  6. Amelia says

    I think that to leave the question of ‘how’ unanswered should not be a viable option for the show’s creators. Coming up with a good answer is a difficult thing (because we’ve already seen the typical virus) and it requires creativity to make it believable. It also satisfies the insatiable need for humans to know why things are the way they are. I would be very displeased with the show if they chose to end it without giving some sort of answer. Although, it’s pretty smart to not tell us how at the beginning. Since this is a series rather than a film the creators need to leave room open for developments of plot, rather than the ‘just stay alive.’ The audience would eventually get bored if the entire plot line revolves around the stay alive or die scenario without goals needing to be reached.

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  7. Shawna says

    id like to know how it starts, and a virus would be an interesting backstory as long as its not another ‘man destroyed the world by making a bio weapon gone wrong’ i think resident evil has that covered, it would kill the whole thing for me, or maybe ‘world correcting the human mistake’ type thing would be a nice one.

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  8. gaby says

    I think the best part of a story like this is the back story. I really love the walking deadabd without the explanation, its killing me.
    The story will eventually have to pop up. Just like how rick they flashed back to rick in Tacoma and all the soldiers shooting the nurses and such.

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  9. Houston Sasselli says

    I want to know because if they know what happened it gives us a better idea.But if we don’t know we keep asking how it started. It NEEDS to be a great awesome backstory though and it has to have like 1~4 people getting the virus first that would be AWESOME!

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