Seriable Bites: Lost Fans Win Lottery Using Hurley’s ‘Cursed’ Numbers

Sometimes we all need our serialized and mythology television in smaller, bite-sized, doses. Here’s today’s freshly cooked Seriable Bites, including: Lost, Buffy, and Torchwood.

  • Was it destiny? In a case of life imitates art, Lost fans playing the infamous ‘cursed’ numbers belonging to Hugo Reyes each shared $150 in Tuesday’s Mega Millions Lottery draw. But will the win deliver bad luck, magical islands, and smoke monsters to those fans who played the numbers despite Hurley’s warnings?

  • Buffy alum Anthony Head thinks the Buffy movie is a “horrible idea“. He digs the stake deeper: “I don’t feel that you can then remake that without the original creator on board. It doesn’t make sense. [..] With someone like Joss, why would you want to? Well, I know why you want to. You want to make money.” He also talks about the upcoming season of Merlin on Syfy at the link.
  • Two more join the forthcoming fourth season of Torchwood. Alexa Havins (All My Children) as joined as a series regular. She’ll play Esther Katusi, a CIA Watch Analyst who possesses an unshakable faith in human nature and a monster crush on colleague Rex. While Dichen Lachman (Dollhouse) will guest star in the premiere as a CIA operative. Incidentally, the new series launches in the UK on Friday, July 1st, at 9pm on BBC 1.

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