SAM HUNTER TV Series: Air Date & UK Broadcaster Update

sam hunter - hunted season 2

Hunted executive producer Frank Spotnitz has provided a small update on Cinemax’s 4-hour spinoff/continuation Sam Hunter. Sam Hunter continues the story of  the titular agent (Melissa George), now on the run from her former employer. With a price on her head and a young daughter to protect, Sam must operate as a freelance spy to find out who wants her dead — and how it connects to the murder of her own mother. Responding to the question of whether Sam Hunter will be broadcast in the UK , Spotnitz tweeted:

“No UK broadcaster yet, but I expect it will find one and air sometime in 2014.”

You can find his original tweet below: We’ll keep you updated on the future of Sam Hunter as further information arrives. hunteddvd

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      • Johnny says

        It’s been forever. I really enjoyed watching Hunted, and hope this new series ends up happening. But I’m getting tired of waiting for something that’s only going to be 4 episodes.

        Do we know if this is just supposed to be one season to answer all the questions from Hunted? Or is it potentially going to be a returning series?

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  1. sally says

    Well melissa george is probably huge right now with her baby coming and I doubt will be action ready anytime soon to start shooting the next season. I also heard he ripped the show off – so might be facing some problems there too…

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  2. Bernardo says

    Season one was a great season, I WANT TO SEE SEASON TWO. . Canceling the show by BBC is THE worst thing and disrispectful You can do to viewers . I am so disapointed.

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  3. Kaboom says

    Loved season 1 , really different from all the other “spy shows” i’ve seen, still waiting for the spin-off tho. Well, hope they’ll make it.

    p.s. BAD BBC!


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  4. sam says

    im wainting for season 2 but have doubt the cinamax wants to making another episodes for this tv serie
    actually i tring to forget that unfortunatly we should used to such this thing for nice tv series like dracula or persons unknown or ………

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  5. Art says

    I never get on stuff like this but I had too because I really want this show to come back on.. I’ve been waiting a long time. It’s real good. I like it alot

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