Rumor Round: Is Miranda Hart The Doctor’s Next Companion?


Today’s rumor round is timey-wimey, as speculation grows over the Doctor’s new companion.

Many Whovians already know that the Doctor’s current companions — Amy and Rory Pond — will leave the TARDIS in “heartbreaking” fashion after the upcoming seventh series, but attention has already turned to who will replace them.

According to Bleeding Cool‘s “multiple sources”, the name that keeps cropping up is British comedy actress Miranda Hart. While it’s just a rumor at this stage, and Catherine Tate’s rather comedic Donna Noble not so long ago filled the role, I’m not sure that Hart would be my first pick. Though it might be interesting to see her play something more ‘serious’ when she appears in the BBC drama Call The Midwife — not that Who is completely serious, but the long-running sci-fi series certainly has moments of poignancy that needs to be reflected by able companions. That said, Hart does have sci-fi (sitcom) experience in Hyperdrive:

In other news, James Corden is set to return in Series 7, though whether Craig Owens is back for anything more than a stand-alone appearance remains to be seen.

Source: Bleeding Cool via Blastr

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