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Robert Redford is American actors whose full name is Charles Robert Redford. He is best known for his work as a film director and businessperson. He is reported to have done some plastic surgery on his face. The celebrity media and fans have found subtle changes in his appearance and believe that it has everything to do with plastic surgery treatments.

The eyelift and change in the lower and upper part of eyelid area are noticeable changes. Dr. Peter Gerald the surgeon of Robert Redford revealed that 76-year-old actor has changes near the eyes by using the eyelift procedure. The plastic surgeon also added that the eyes of Robert now look more awake after the surgery.

One of the popular celebrity magazines revealed that Redford has spent £800 on his plastic surgery treatment at a renowned clinic in Santa Monica.

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robert redford plastic surgery

By going through the pictures of Robert Redford, it seems that he had taken additional treatments along with the eyelift surgery. There are signs of facial filler, facelift, and Botox injections on his face. The face now looks more even without wrinkles. According to Los Angeles surgeon Carlos Kayem, Robert has used mole removal surgery to omit the mole on the right cheek.

Robert Reford has strongly denied all the speculations about the surgery. He has confirmed that he had plastic surgery long before and now have decided to age gracefully. Also, he adds that plastic surgery is a painful thing and he doesn’t want to ruin his beautiful life.

Even though Redford denies various procedures done on his face, the photos tell a different story. As he has aged, his facial features have changed significantly. The plastic surgeons are explaining why these changes are seen in the face. After critically examining the pictures, it finally goes back to plastic surgery itself. Robert Redford must be not willing to tell the public about the recent changes he has done on the face.

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