RINGER Producers Promise Finale Satisfaction, Tease Season 2 Potential


The creators of Ringer promise not to echo LOST by leaving fans hanging for answers that may never come, while noting that tonight’s closer can serve as an entry point into Season 2 — should the CW opt to bring the twisty serial back for another term.

Here’s a snippet from Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder‘s interview with TV Line, in which the exec. producers promise a satisfying resolution to the Season 1 story arc, and note the window it opens into a potential second season:

TVLINE | Ringer has a lot of balls in the air going into its finale. Can we expect much resolution tonight?
NICOLE SNYDER | We paid very careful attention and made promises in the beginning of the year based on fans’ reactions to shows with mysteries, like Lost. We kept saying all along, ‘We will answer questions, we promise. And we will give you a satisfying conclusion. ‘And I think we did that in the finale. It totally delivers. I think the audience is going to feel satisfied and I do think, with all of our characters, truths will come out in different ways.

TVLINE | To that point, Ioan Gruffudd told us a few weeks ago that the finale in no way neatly wraps up the story. Would you say that’s accurate?
ERIC CHARMELO | There is the mother of all cliffhangers that is posed by the end of the Season 1 finale, and it’s a great jumping off point for Season 2. That said, it will be satisfying and we will still answer questions. And by no means is the audience going to feel cheated. As Nicole said, it really, really delivers. It’s going to satiate you, but leave you hungry for more.

TVLINE | How about a tiny “mother of all cliffhangers” tease?
SNYDER | What we can say is this: We had a specific drive and an engine for the first season, and this cliffhanger has everything change direction. It changes the motivation of certain characters. We are so excited for this finale to air. We love everything about it, from the director to the title to the performances; it’s a great episode and I hope the fans love it as much as we do.

The duo also promise a finale bloodbath, with at least three deaths occurring in the closer.

In case you missed the earlier sneak peeks, here they are again for you below:

Bridget and Andrew get married (dream sequence?):

Siobhan conceals the paternity test results from Henry:

Bridget receives her one-year pin from NA:

Source: TV Line

Catch the Ringer finale tonight @9/8c on the CW

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    I love ringer I can’t stop watching it on Netflix I been waiting for the 2nd season, I been googling every mouth to see when it comming out on tv….

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