RINGER: Producer On How The Show Could Have Been Different [UPDATED]


[Update: additional comments from co-creators/exec. producer Eric Charmelo have been added.]

With the first season of the CW’s Ringer winding to a close last night, executive producer Pam Veasey looks at how the show could have been different.

Ringer Season finale spoilers follow, continue at own discretion!

The season ended with the resolution of several ongoing plots — including Bridget coming clean to Andrew and Jules, and finding out that Siobhan is not-so-dead.

While the future of the serial remains unclear, Veasey looked back on the series’ first season in an interview The Hollywood Reporter.

When asked what the producers would do differently, given the challenges the show has faced holding on to ratings, Veasey said:

Veasey: We have fun with the series because the audience who watches it every week absolutely loved it. I mean, they could tell you every single detail, and they were completely correct. It was not, I guess you could use the word “accessible.” We’d make it more accessible for people who just drop in, probably do less in an episode. And what I mean by that is make it less complex in the plotting. I don’t want to say simplify, because I love the complexity we have for the plotting and the episodes, but just sort of do less in an episode, a little bit less. We did a lot.

Charmelo: “Initially, we had set such a breakneck pace with the pilot that the objective was to make every episode thereafter maintain that pace.Because of that, I think we burnt through story very, very quickly and therefore burnt through characters sooner that we we would gave liked. A good example is Charlie.”

As for how the show would be different had it remained on CBS, Veasey (who is a co-EP on CBS’s CSI: NY) said:

It would be an easier question to answer if we had aired some episodes on CBS and then had gone to The CW. Then, I could tell you what the actual difference was… I think there were music changes, there were tone changes, a lot of the casting was different. There’s little nuances that because of the flavor, and the input and the style of what CW does that make it different from CBS. Storytelling-wise, probably a lot more information came out that I’m not sure would’ve come out on CBS. That’s just my prediction, as a producer who works for both.

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I thought the finale did what it promised, which was resolve important threads in a way that could serve as a series ender, while also leaving enough open to continuation. No, it certainly wasn’t perfect, but given the chances of not returning next season, I found it to be a pretty satisfying and entertaining finale.

Source: THR | E!

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  1. Taylor says

    IM MAD !! I want the ringer to come back!!! It’s one of my favorite shows and it’s canceled!!!!! What can we do to get it back!!!!

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  2. says

    Why was the ringer cut!? Here I’ve been hanging for the tv series to be aired again for season 2 then I’m told the series got cut! Not happy at all! That would have been one of the best series I have watched! Each episode left me hanging. However made the decision to axe this made viewers absolutely annoyed and dissatisfied!

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