RINGER: 1.10 That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me — REVIEW


Ringer‘s midseason finale delivered several story developments, but much of the episode was built on visible contrivances.


  • Smiling Charlie holds both Siobhan and Bridget to ransom over Gemma.
  • Charlie kills Gemma
  • Siobhan kills Charlie
  • Agent Machado nabs his crooked partner, Jimmy.
  • Juliet claims Mr. Carpenter raped her.


  • A fair bit happened in this episode in comparison to the show’s earlier instalments.
  • Gemma’s delivery of the titular line: “That’s what you get for trying to kill me,” followed by the *WHACK!* was worth the admission fee alone. What a shame her empowerment only lasted a few seconds.
  • The episode gave us a bit more on Siobhan’s character. Finding out that she still cared for Gemma (however twisted that care may be) was pretty important from a character standpoint. I’m not saying it was great, but hopefully it’s something to build on.
  • The midseason finale left us with some intriguingly placed (if not well executed) plot threads.


  • The episode’s developments didn’t carry as much magnitude as I feel they should have.
  • I’m not a fan of the stack of contrivances used to deliver a rather underwhelming end to the episode. Let’s go through them: Charlie somehow develops bad aim from point-blank range. He somehow fails to notice that blood wasn’t coming out of Gemma. Gemma somehow has the presence of mind to play dead. Gemma somehow escapes from the trunk, whacks Charlie almost unconscious (he’s just about conscious enough to express his bafflement — thanks Chaz). Gemma inexplicably wastes time fumbling around, allowing Charlie to capture her for the second time.  His bad aim is no more, as he kills Gemma. From out of nowhere, Siobhan arrives, somehow knowing exactly where to find Charlie. After some stalling tension building, she shoots him in the head, dead. And did I mention she somehow out-muscled him? Ok, Ringer, have  it your way. :)
  • Gemma’s death (RIP). I’m usually for killing a character if their death benefits the story, but the contrived nature of her departure makes it look like a waste of one of the show’s best characters/performers (of course, there may have been other reasons behind the exit). I’ll take Smiling Charlie’s death because, let’s face it, he had it coming. Still, he deserves an RIP as he has contributed to some of the show’s more engaging moments.

6.5/10 Seriable Stars

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  1. Page 48 says

    Add to The Bad: Buffy fans everywhere must have been eagerly anticipating Amber Benson’s guest stint, and a) she was dead the moment we met her and b) only had about 3 lines, all delivered in ‘flashback mode’.

    The rest of the show was crazy:

    -Siobhan must have used the TARDIS to get to the storage facility (did Broyles send her?), all the way from Paris, in time to cancel Charlie. Let’s not forget she had to stop somewhere to pick up a stashed gun because it’s unlikely she brought it with her on her Air France flight
    -Police suspect Charlie popped himself after killing Gemma. Get real. He’s evil. He doesn’t have a conscience. Why would he kill himself? Not to mention, CSI is going to know at a glance that he didn’t pop himself. Even casual TV viewers know all about trajectory and powder burns, yada yada yada.
    -Gemma rescues defeat from the jaws of victory! Gemma, you deserved to die for being so stupid
    -why the hell would Charlie kill Gemma anyway? She’s his meal ticket. He was THIS close to a payoff and with just a little patience, could have made the swap. By this time, the cops already know he’s got her stashed anyway so it’s not like he’s killing the only person who can implicate him in the kidnapping and now he can go back to his day job
    -I loved Veronica Mars and Logan Echolls. So Mr. Carpenter, this isn’t personal, but I don’t give a toss about what’s going on between you and Juliet. Frankly, I have to question the judgment of any male teacher who would ask his only witness to leave the room so he could have some alone time with the bratty girl who’s throwing herself at his manhood. Don’t they teach you about this stuff in college?
    -Henry is a knob
    -the cops investigating Charlie are knobs. Malcolm is a better detective and he’s battling drug problems

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    • Alectae says

      Comment above me: Page 48

      You pretty much summed up all my thoughts on the episode, right down to the ‘Henry’s a knob’. Kudos. Your review made me chuckle.

      I’m loving this show, and have been squirming in agonies over Mr. Carpenter and Juliet. I really really want them to get together, for some reason… Probably because he’s absolutely adorable and so is she. It’s cute as hell. BUT they’ve got it all wrong! I don’t want him to be a bad guy, because then he won’t be a long term character in the show. He’ll reveal his evil intentions, and then he’ll be vanquished. Yawn, boring, predictable.

      I’m on Juliet’s side, though, so if she says it is so, then is must be so! How unfortunate.

      Last but not least, I’ve never seen Veronica Mars. What’s it about, and should I watch it?

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      • Page 48 says

        “Last but not least, I’ve never seen Veronica Mars. What’s it about, and should I watch it?”

        Absolutely, you should watch “Veronica Mars”. It was 3 seasons of Seriable goodness carried by a strong cast headed by the cute-and-cuddly Kristen Bell. I liken it to Buffy with the fantasy element removed. Even featured a few BtVS actors in recurring roles. Youtube is full of video samples to give you a taste (like this one from S1).

        And, if you think Mr. Carpenter is adorable in “Ringer”, you can fill your boots with him in VM.

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        • Alectae says

          Hey, thanks for the clips!

          Looks like a decent show, and I will definitely give it a try.

          Appreciate the tip!


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