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The Revolution season finale flipped the switch before leaving us on a cliffhanger and several contentious issues. Here’s what we observed down at “The Dark Tower”.



  • She goes on to reveal that MIT sold it to the D.O.D. without his knowledge, confirming that Ben later befriended him because he was the architect (presumably as a precaution), thus contextualizing his motivations for giving Aaron the magical pendant in the Pilot.



  • As expected, Randall wasn’t killed off-screen. He resurfaces in Cheney’s bunker to retrieve a key card hidden behind the George Bush photo. So that’s why the camera lingered on it last time out.
  • I can only assume the Tower Others didn’t know about this hiding place considering they didn’t show any interest at all in Cheney’s bunker. Randall may have hid it there pre-blackout, unless it’s protocol to hide key cards behind presidential photos.

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  • Rachel gives Grace a chance to join her in setting the world on fire turning the power back on, before knocking her out and grabbing her key card. All stairwells lead to Level 12 (except those on Level 1!).
  • You’d think the Tower Others would be more cautious with handing out those key cards. Though in fairness, they appear to open all locked doors in the Tower, making it slightly less of a contrivance that Grace had one (if you ignore the contrivance of an all access system).


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  1. Peanut says

    The Randall plan doesn’t make sense, as you noted, Roco. Randall admitted that he wasn’t a computer geek so it’s likely that someone else was actually sneaking in the computer program’s back door. I also want to know how the nongeek managed to change the trajectory of the missiles–from intercontinental to domestic targets. Yeah, I know–we’ll never find out who actually was the computer expert helping Randall. Plot hole noted.

    So Randall turned off the power so that lots of people were killed, waits for years, & then gets the power turned back on so he can kill more people? Wow, that’s some plan. And then the president (maybe as someone speculated, the former Secretary of Energy) can take over the nuclear wasteland that was the East Coast? And where was Randall during those unpowered years until he turned up at Grace’s door?

    How did Nora become an explosives expert when she was supposedly a bounty hunter–& why would a bounty hunter need explosives? You could speculate that she was already with the rebels when Bass & Miles were attacked five years ago–& maybe Bass & Miles should have been suspicious of Nora’s possible involvement in the explosion.

    I’m getting tired of Monroe & Miles trying to kill each other. It’s particularly exasperating that Miles can’t kill Monroe because Bass is responsible for both the deaths of Miles’s actual brother & nephew. Miles, you just need to quit Bass.

    President Foster could throw the helicopters against Philly, but tanks don’t move that fast unless they are already positioned on the Monroe Republic’s border. In addition, because the roads probably aren’t in good shape & many road beds can’t handle the weight of tanks, you would likely have to move them by rail & I’m not sure that’s feasible–unless there’s an operational rail line from Atlanta to Philly, which seems implausible with a war going on. You could move them by cargo aircraft, but I think that system is even less likely to be functional than the rail system. I’d guess that the typical tank would move less than 50 miles per hour–& that’s on a paved surface, not off road, which would cut the speed in about half–& it would have to stop frequently to refuel (if refueling stations were conveniently located, which is doubtful) because tanks get terrible gas mileage.

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    • says

      Ah, the many plot holes and contrivances of Revolution! Thanks for the list @Peanut.

      Perhaps Nora moonlighted as both a Bounty Hunter and Munitions expert? This would be fair enough, although the show probably didn’t do enough to define that idea. I find some of the other issues you mentioned more problematic and I’m really intrigued to see how the writers plan to make the Randall/President conspiracy make total sense. I guess it’s a case of the show changing gears mid-flow (if not several times during the season), but hopefully it comes together as best it can.

      I think the writers might have got a wee bit tired of the Miles/Bass conflict too. I guess letting him live says something about how far Miles has come, though you’re right, he should acknowledge the fact that Bass killed his brother and nephew, if only to see how Bass would explain that one.

      All being said, I’m still hopeful the show can pull it together.

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      • Peanut says

        Well, Roco, I think that you may be even more optimistic than I have been about this show. I keep trying to quit it. At least it’s better than “The Following”–in my opinion. I hope that the show will get overhauled so that it makes some sense next season. At this point, I would rather have “Last Resort” & “Alcatraz” back, even with their problems, rather than “Revolution.” In fact, I think that even “Terra Nova” was a better show.

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        • says

          Heh, I guess I’m an optimist when it comes to certain serials. In fairness, I still think the show has a cool premise, but as we’ve seen that’s not enough. They’ll have to go some to make it work in Season 2.

          Last Resort, while perhaps limited in story, definitely had potential. It was sad to see Alcatraz go so soon too. Personally, I’d put Revolution above Terra Nova and Falling Skies (at least Season 1). Revolution was perhaps disadvantaged by having double the amount of episodes to navigate. That said, there’s not that much in it and they each they their pros and cons.

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  2. Peanut says

    I am puzzled about how “Revolution,” with as you say, an interesting premise as well as a good cast & mostly outstanding guest stars, has had so many problems delivering. My guess is that the show lacks a long-range plan & the writing suffers accordingly–the characters are portrayed as mostly unsympathetic/superficial. I no longer know what the show is supposed to be about. We went from a world of no power & people fighting with swords, crossbows, & muskets–with a bullet shortage!–to lobbing ICBMs at major American cities within the span of just a few episodes. I did enjoy the show more after I just accepted, instead of nanites, that a wizard did it, that this show was really “scienceless fiction.” And for the improbably rapid travel (& to think I used to criticize “Fringe” about this), I have been telling myself that Team Miles must have access to a TARDIS. I was hoping for fewer psychopaths the next season, but we lost Randall only to gain an apparently psychopathic prez & Tom Neville, who is a functioning psycho, has replaced dysfunctional psycho Monroe as head of the milita, so no progress there.

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    • says

      I share your puzzlement, Peanut. The apparent absence of a long-term plan (which the producers have, in fairness, admitted) is curious, especially for a heavily-serialized, mythology-fueled show.

      In fairness to Revolution, it’s not easy to craft serial of this ilk (as the likes of Terra Nova, FlashForward, etc, have proven), but it’s hard not to think they’ve shot themselves in the foot along the way. Still, serial is a great redeemer and the show has enough going for it.

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  3. Drenami says

    Although I still have no idea WHY, I think Grace shut down the power – not Flynn. His plan was probably not concocted until the lights were already out and the Militia and Federation cam to be. When he said “when you burn down the old, new things grow” I thought he was just referring to Philly and Atlanta. (Sorry I am so far behind. We just started watching 4 days ago on Netflix.)

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