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Revolution Observations is your weekly guide through the visual clues and overarching connections in NBC’s Revolution. This week we’re tackling Episode 5 “Soul Train”.


  • Tom Neville’s story begins here. Fired from his job as an insurance adjuster and frustrated in life, his tale is not too dissimilar to another man at odds who aspired to greater things.
  • But rather than crashing onto a magical island, it was the loss of power that inspired the power within Neville.

  • Neville greets his young son Jason (aka Not Nate) and his Optimus Prime Transformer.
  • Before the power-down Neville was arguably one of “the good guys” – like Optimus. This night would lead to Neville’s own transformation to a position of leadership.

  • Neville is able to disguise his humiliation from both Jason and his wife Julia. An attribute that suggests there’s more to Neville than what he might reveal on the surface.

  • It’s almost fitting that just as Jason should throw his first punch, the power would go out, as though the world was somehow responding to Neville’s need for power.

  • Neville is ‘reborn’ after he beats his neighbor to a pulp — the visuals, reinforced by his present-day display of physicality, serve to magnify his ascent.
  • No coincidence that Neville begins to unravel when his journey takes him back to a bank, a place representing much of his past humiliation. His over the top display of aggression is reflective of his empowerment, yet suggests he’s still unfulfilled.

  • Train 47 — the famous Bad Robot number makes an appearance.
  • Another 47 number reference occurs when Nora tells Hutch she’s “looking for a biography of Joe Biden” — the 47th and current VP of the United States.


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  1. Peanut says

    Monroe is not a history buff, evidently. It was the Aztecs, not the Mayas.

    Rachel is still wearing her wedding ring. I hope that Danny’s arrival will result in mom being rescued (the sooner, the better). And she still has a pencil so maybe she’ll go all stabby on Monroe again.

    So Neville sends out his only child after Charlie–perhaps hoping to toughen up NotNate? A risky venture, however, because something could happen to sonny boy because he’s on his own–and now we have the development that NotNate has developed feelings for Charlie, strong enough to make him defy his father/superior officer.

    Neville is powerful but not that powerful because he is still an underling of Monroe’s.

    As a native of the Georgia Federation (that’s why I’m Peanut), I’m rooting against Monroe. Go Plains Nation & Georgia Federation!

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  2. Pwnsauce says

    I don’t know if I agree with you that NotNate has feelings for Charlie. At least I don’t want to agree with you. It can’t be simply ‘love at first sight’ as the reason for why NotNate let Charlie live, can it? There’s got to be something more to it, but I can’t see how they could have interacted in the past, or come up with any sort of family connection from the past. Based on the Neville flashbacks, I don’t see any pre-blackout connection to the Mathesons, just a rise to power on Neville’s end.

    Any thoughts?

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    • Peanut says

      NotNate violated his father’s (and superior officer’s) orders regarding Charlie. Maybe I have a limited imagination because there are only two possibilities that occur to me why he did that. Either NotNate has a thing for Charlie, or he is secretly working for the resistance–or possibly both.

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