REVOLUTION: A Closer Look At Monroe’s Grand Designs On North America [Hi-Res Map]


Monday’s Revolution (“Soul Train”) saw General Monroe make a statement of intent when he literally brought out a map of the bigger picture.

While we’ve already featured the map of Revolution‘s post apocalyptic North America, NBC (via EW) has now released a larger version so we can get a clearer look at the six territory continent that Monroe hopes to consolidate into the Monroe Republic by getting the power working. And then? “Planet Monroe” doesn’t bear thinking about. Check it out below and click to enlarge:

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  1. Peanut says

    Well, the “Monroe Doctrine” isn’t dead. Looks as if some of the new republics got grabby & scooped up parts of Canada & Mexico. Texans who wanted their own country have their wish. The Georgia Republic = most of the old Confederate states. Guess the Wasteland exists because water would be an issue–the dams out West wouldn’t function without power? Philadelphia is the capital city for Monroe’s republic?–the place where the Declaration of Independence was written.

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