REVOLUTION: Jon Favreau Promises Swords


Revolution pilot director Jon Favreau discusses the themes and technology of the upcoming JJ. Abrams/Eric Kripke thriller.

Favreau reiterates Revolution‘s underlying family center:

“From my perspective, it’s about the characters and the families — how they’ve had to adjust. What’s scary about [the world] and what’s positive about it. The world in some ways has gotten more innocent. It’s a simpler time, and one could argue that people are closer together.”

Revolution Trailer and Sneak Peek

However, the post-apocalypse is no playground:

“There are dark characters and there’s a lot of danger in that world because you don’t have governments and you have armys. You have militias popping up and you have clans fighting

On the lack of modern technology and how that plays into the ongoing story:

“I’m a big fan of swords in film, so it was a chance to work with sword choreography. Without modern technology, modern weaponry starts to disappear after 15 years. Modern gun powder. A couple of people have been able to hoard more modern weapons, but without electricity, it’s hard to manufacture that high-grade, high-tech product. So we’re getting back to handmade things. So a lot of swords, black powder weapons, Kentucky rifles, and a couple of very powerful people have been able to accumulate weapons from our times.”

Revolution, to be filmed in Wilmington, premieres this fall on Mondays on NBC at 10pm.

Source: EW

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    Good to read this about the swords. In the first trailer the sword fight scene is really amazing!

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