REVOLUTION: Flashbacks & Twists — Early Report


Revolution doesn’t switch on until September, but early reviews and tidbits are already starting to trickle through for JJ. Abrams’ ‘end of the world as we know it’ series.

The story jumps forwards 15 years into the future following the electrical/technological ‘blackout’, meaning we’ll get flashbacks in the opening episode. But will the show regularly dip back into the past?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the answer is most likely:

Prepare for flashbacks. As has been the custom with most complicated, arc-based serials in this post-Lost world, the first look at Revolution includes asides to the day the power went out. Given the mortality rate, and the how little attention is given to the events surrounding the black-out, the series seems poised to pepper the occasional time warp as the story moves forward.

Again, it remains to be seen whether flashbacks will be used throughout the series or just in the opening episode (as glimpsed in the trailer, see below). This will no doubt hinge on how they want to tell the story and how much of the backstory they want to reveal.

Hollywood Reporter also says the Revolution pilot will comprise many twists — no surprises there:

The genre all but guarantees a few gotcha moments as the story warms up and Revolution delivers several. The pilot ends with one relatively expected revelation and two rather surprising ones.

Looking at the trailer, I think it’s easy to see what one of those twists will be..

Watch the Revolution trailer below:

Revolution turns on this fall on NBC

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