REVOLUTION: Eric Kripke On Why There’s Hope In Post-Apocalypse


Eric Kripke reveals that Revolutions cataclysmic scenario in which technology suddenly disappears also has elements of Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey,” that inspired Star Wars (to mention but one epic saga).

Revolution flashes forward 15 years after the blackout with humanity having come to relative terms with their new society. Speaking to CNN, Kripke lays out the new world order:

“[It’s] an interesting world. It transforms into a kingdom with good warriors and bad warriors. That’s a world that’s gone back to swords. It’s about people living in a world that nature has reclaimed.”

Kripke believes the show’s apocalyptic theme can be found in the “collective zeitgeist” — the feeling that we’re at a tipping point.

However, Kripke says that ultimately the show has a positive message:

“We’re not interested in nihilism or hopelessness. We’ll all survive and be OK if we remember the things that bring us together: family, brotherhood and mercy.”

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Revolution powers up Monday, September 17 on NBC.

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