REVOLUTION, DECEPTION Episode Orders Reduced


NBC has cut the episode orders for the first seasons of Deception and Revolution.

The Peacock’s mystery seriable Deception (premiering tonight at 10pm) originally had 13 episodes in the tank but has seen that number reduced by two, according to EP Gail Berman, who told The Futon Critic:

“We had an original order for 13. It was cut back to 11 because Bob [Greenblatt] did what I thought was an incredibly ingenious move: they put it on so [it] would have no interruptions. So it’s 11 in a row. They couldn’t fit 13 in a row.”

Meanwhile, Revolution which was originally slated to air a full 22 episode season, has also be scaled back by two hours, with Greenblatt referring to the back half of the season as the “the last 10 episodes” at Sunday’s TCA. NBC has since confirmed this to be the case.

Earlier, Revolution producers plucked the positives out of the show’s four-month hibernation.

Revolution returns Monday, March 25.



    • Scott Jenkins says

      I’d much rather we switch those two around. Unless the show decides to stop dumping its potential into a smelly cesspool.

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  1. WaySeeker says

    SO out of one side of the mouth comes “Revolution will do just great when it comes back after hiatus” and out the other is “but before that happens we are going to cut out two hours.”

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