the walking dead still review

The Walking Dead 4.12 Still – AFTERTHOUGHTS

THIS FEARSOME ROUTINE Part of what sets apart The Walking Dead from similar zombie-less titles centered around groups of survivors is the way it transcends the harsh reality of its universe and lands amid the inner conflicts of its characters. “Still” does manage to let the show’s magic shine through […]

Brother's Keeper

The Tomorrow People: 1.14 Brother’s Keeper – Review

Just before breaking for a mini-lowatus, The Tomorrow People dropped a twist into the story.  Read the break down below to see if they followed through with the serial goodies. OVERVIEW This week continued the theme of family.  It picked up right where the last episode left off, in the […]


The Walking Dead 4.11 Claimed – AFTERTHOUGHTS

 THE SPECIAL NATURE OF THE MISSION  Team GlennTara and the newcomers hit the road…only to bump down and turn back. We’ve got Sgt. Abraham Ford, a guy with a purpose which has become quite a rarity in this hopeless, senseless world; the sense which in the best scenario would probably […]


The Walking Dead: 4.10 Inmates – AFTERTHOUGHTS

AFRAID OF RUNNING Where do we draw the line? What’s the last straw? Do we continue to hold on contently to the illusive promise of salvation or move on, survive against all odds while we get crushed under the immense fear of living itself? The prison shelter didn’t stand after […]

Helix - Season 1

Helix: 1.07 Survivor Zero – Review & Serial Verdict

How did the seventh episode of Syfy’s Helix, “Survivor Zero,” stack up from a serialized perspective? The verdict is in… KEY DEVELOPMENTS IlariaCorp COO Constance Sutton and her stormtroopers enter the situation. Sutton reprimands Hatake for creating a mess – he was supposed to create the virus to “thin the […]


The Walking Dead: 4.09 AfterTHOUGHTS

Breaking down the character arcs and themes traversed in The Walking Dead Season 4B premiere, “After”. AT THE CORE OF IT After all the hardships and battles, the survivors are once again sent right back to square one. The fragile sense of safety is gone, and the prison, infested – […]

Helix - Season 1

Helix: 1.06 Aniqatiga – Review & Serial Verdict

The sixth episode of Helix opened doors that can’t be closed as the wider mythology closed in. But where does “Aniqatiga ” stand in the grand scheme of things? The serial verdict is in… KEY DEVELOPMENTS A mysterious figure drags a barely alive Balleseros away from the scene of the […]

Things Fall Apart

The Tomorrow People 1.13: Things Fall Apart – Review

Last week threw some curveballs into the story, so let’s see what kind of follow up the thirteenth episode of The Tomorrow People, ” Things Fall Apart,” brought to the table. OVERVIEW This week’s episode focused on the ins and outs of families.  Stephen had his hands full, which makes […]


The Following: 2.03 Trust Me – Review & Serial Verdict

Joe gains an apprentice and Hardy gets stabbed in the heart, but how does the third episode of The Following Season 2, “Trust Me,” hold up from a serialized perspective? The verdict is in… KEY DEVELOPMENTS Mandy chooses Joe over her mother, who she murders. Emma joins the new cult […]