REVENGE PaleyFest Panel Footage; Flashback Episode & Big Cliffhanger Planned


ABC‘s Revenge will make its intentions for a second season clear by ending this season with that most seriable of devices — the cliffhanger.  Head below for more and footage from the panel.

While the well-rated show is expected to renewed for a second season, executive producer creator/executive producer Mike Kelley is not leaving it to chance and plans to end the first season on a big cliffhanger that will demand Season 2 continuation.

Speaking at the PaleyFest over the weekend, Kelley explained:

“We’re going to end things with a cliffhanger. If we’re lucky enough to get a second season, we’ll be teasing another giant event that will be resolved in some way midway through the season, followed by the aftermath of that.”

New alliances will be formed, but Kelley is conscious of supplying the seriable viewer with resolutions to burning questions:

“But what we set out to do as we move toward the finale is provide solutions to everything we’ve set up. Because while we’re hoping for that second season, it’s not a guarantee, and we want to make sure we satisfy everyone who put their time and care into this show.”

Prior to the finale, an entire episode will take place in 2002 with flashbacks to 1990 that will answer a lot of questions, including (as per THR):

1. It’ll go back to the party captured in Lydia’s (Amber Valletta) photo where Emily (Emily VanCamp) was a waitress. At the time, she’s still sorting through how she feels about her father and we’ll meet several more conspirators behind framing him.

2. It’ll explore Victoria and David Clarke’s (James Tupper) romance.

3. It’ll show how David helped Nolan’s business get off the ground just before being arrested and how they formed such a close relationship.

Source: Deadline | THR

Watch the Revenge PaleyFest Panel via the players below:


Revenge continues April 11 on ABC

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