REVENGE: No End In Sight To ‘Sociopathic’ Emily


Emily VanCamp doesn’t see an end to Emily Thorne’s lust for juicy revenge just yet.

Speaking at a specially arranged Revenge TCA set visit, VanCamp told reporters that deep down Emily would like to let go of her vengeful nature:

“As much as she behaves like a sociopath, underneath that shell is a vulnerable, hurt, angry young girl who ultimately wants to rid herself of those feelings.”

However, the actress notes that while those moments of vulnerability are there, she doesn’t see Em letting go anytime soon:

“She comes dangerously close to wanting to reveal her truth, but I don’t see an end quite yet. When Jack became an impossibility in her life, it numbed that human side of her again. She’s back in her sociopathic behavioral patterns.”

VanCamp also shed a bit more light on what the upcoming second season holds for Em:

“When we come back to Emily in season two, she has left the Hampton’s for a while and is trying to refocus and figure out what she actually wants now. She has so much information now, [including] all this information about her mother. It’s almost inspired a new quest for her to find her mother and establish a relationship with this person, if she is alive. And with Emily Thorne, she has the tools to make that happen. No matter where the mom is, she can find her.”

Source: MSN

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