RECTIFY Cast Talk Season 1 & 2 Possibilities, New Poster Has Daniel Stomped


Sundance Channel’s slow-burning six-part serial Rectify debuts on Monday night (9/8c). The story follows Daniel Holden, set free from prison after 19 years on Death Row for the rape and murder of a young girl. Find out what the show’s actors had to say ahead of the two-hour premiere below:

On Daniel’s release from jail and the subtext that permeates the season:

Aden Young (Daniel): “You feel like a man who literally has fallen to earth. There’s a sort of paralyzing nature of that world inside. He’s very much afraid of feeling anything because if he feels it might break.

The subtext is, is this real? Is this world that we live in real? Can you bring a human being out of that terrible sadness and say ‘have a beer?’ It’s a story of how we as a society have legitimized murder and somebody escapes that through a series of legalities and is let loose in this world that has tried to shed him.”

On the show’s serialized format:

Abigail Spencer: “[Series creator Ray McKinnon‘s] such a wonderful storyteller. So I would say this is long-form fiction, like reading a really good novel. Our first season is really the ‘creation story’ that sets up a more epic tale. And like epic tales, our characters go through so much and change so much.”

On the first season arcs and the potential directions for Season 2:

Bruce McKinnon (Daniel’s stepfather/Ted’s dad): “There are definite character arcs, and there are definite surprises [with regard to the mystery]. [But] it’s like when you’re walking on a trail in the mountains, and all of a sudden, poof, it branches out in all these directions. There are all these different areas to explore.”

Source: EW | TV Line

Just in time for the premiere, a new Rectify poster has also landed to offer a glimpse of what’s in store for Daniel on the outside:

rectify sundance

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