Reality Takes Shape On REM – 5 Actors Cast

REM, the NBC pilot about cop who exists between two realities, continues to take shape with the casting of 5 more actors.

REM will star Jason Isaacs as Detective Mark Britten who wakes up from a car crash to discover he is living in two realities, one in which he has killed his son and one in which he has killed his wife. I’m really interested to see how this one turns out. “Inception-style thriller” is a big tag to live up to but given what we know about REM it’s not the most outrageous description ever. This is one the watch.

Here are the newly casted actors along with their roles:

Wilmer Valderrama will play Detective Richard Vega, Britten’s gregarious new partner in one reality.

Steve Harris will play¬†a seasoned, cynical, wry-humored police detective who’s Britten’s partner in the other reality.

BD Wong will play Britten’s therapist in the reality where he has killed his son

Laura Allen will play Rex’s tennis coach, who has become his confidante in the wake of the recent loss of his mother.

Dylan Minnette will play Britten’s son who he killed in one reality.

Source: Deadline

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