PERSON OF INTEREST: What Did You Think Of The Finale?


Person Of Interest‘s number is up, for this season. But how did you rate the finale?

How did you rate the Person Of Interest Season 1 Finale?

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  1. Page 48 says

    I thought it was the best eppie of the season. And, once again, Amy Acker is a Bad Robot Bad Ass (BRBA).

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  2. willg says

    Great episode. Can’t wait till next season. I wish they would have addressed the return of Reese’s old partner in the CIA, but I guess that is for next season. Awesome show.

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  3. Alex says

    The first glimpse of Root showed pale hands with black nail polish. Definitely misleading. It’s clear they changed direction of how to portray her. Good casting.

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  4. Bob says

    Person of Interest is a FANTASTIC show. I wish it all the best. The cast is terrific, even the dog, Bear.

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