PERSON OF INTEREST: Taraji P. Henson Talks Carter, Season 2 Hopes


Taraji P. Henson admits that fans of the CBS serial-procedural wont learn all of the answers to the show’s mysteries by the end of this season, but believes there’s plenty of layers to peel back in Season 2.

Speaking to Collider, Henson notes the increased involvement of her character and reaffirms that it was always on the cards for Carter to become more involved in the Reese/Finch action:

I always knew this was going to happen [with the character]. That’s why I took the role. I wouldn’t go on TV to disappear. I was very clear on what direction my character was headed. Even though [Jonathan Nolan] is very tight-lipped about giving out too much information, I always knew that I would eventually team up with the fellas, but it’s just amazing.

Henson takes great interest in the direction of Carter and believes there’s much still to learn about the by-the-book detective, as well as Finch, Reese, and the underlying mythology:

I’m always talking to the writers because I find it so fascinating, how they’re able to go to these different levels with the different stories, and have all these layers to peel back. We haven’t even really gotten into what’s really going on with these three people. There’s still so much to be revealed about my character. There’s still so much to be revealed about Finch (Michael Emerson) and this machine, and Reese (Jim Caviezel). Is he really a good guy, or is he really a bad guy? You still really don’t know, and you still really won’t know, by the end of the season.

As for where she’d like Carter to go in the already picked-up second season, Henson has plenty of ideas. Mainly, though, she’d like the dig into Carter’s backstory:

I just want to know more about her background, like who her son’s father is and what really happened when she served her two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I want to know more about her background. I don’t know who her parents are. I don’t know anything. They hinted at some of her background in the “Get Carter” episode, when they did flashbacks of me in Iraq. Finch put a camera in the car to spy on me, and when the case was solved at the end of the show, he was collecting the cameras out of the car, and he moved the sun viser and a picture of a soldier fell. I want to know who that is. Is that my son’s father? Were we married? When she was talking to the guy in Iraq, who she was interrogating, and she talked about how she understands loss because she lost someone very close to her, was that him? There’s still so much I want to know about her and her backstory.

Source: Collider

I’d second that. More Carter development and consistent ongoing storylines would make for a more engaging POI. It’s a complement to say that the show continues to hold lots of potential despite barely scratching the surface.

Of course, expectations for a more story arc-driven second season may not exactly high, all things considered, but if the creators can increase the seriability then we should have more to get stuck into next term. Seriable eyes will be on the season finale to see what ‘storytelling doors’ it opens up.

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  1. Nico says

    I actually think poi has done a pretty great job of integrating the ongoing story through the case of the weeks, especially considering that it is on CBS. The last few episodes have really ramped up towards the season ender and have been similar to fringe season 1.

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    • says

      @Nico – True, in many respects expectations should be balanced with the network/medium a series is on. That said, I want the story to keep developing as I’d hate to see the show’s true potential go to waste. It’s always a challenge to deliver more ongoing story, no doubt there’s network pressures, but hopefully they can keep it moving.

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  2. vanessa says

    Taraji/Carter, I’m so glad you are apart of the team. I can’t wait to see your character backstory more in Season 2. Great Job. Person of Interest is a great show and great cast.

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