PERSON OF INTEREST Season 3: Machine Mythology & Shaw Scoop


Person Of Interest exec producer Greg Plageman has revealed more insight into the Machine’s next move.

Chatting with, Plageman clarified the unexpected developments at the end of Season 2, when The Machine went all God Mode and dialed three numbers, including one intriguing call to an unhinged Root:

“When we resume at the beginning of [Season 3]—Finch handicapped [The Machine] to a degree, but it’s still going to issue a relevant number, it’s still going to issue an irrelevant number, but there’s a third aspect of what it’s trying to do, and I think that’s going to be the fun of Season 3.” He also clarified that Reese and Finch will still get the “irrelevant” numbers; Penn Six, Hersh, and the other government goons will still get the “relevant” numbers; and presumably Root will get this new set of data.

POI Sarah Shahi also spoke with the recently promoted Sarah Shahi, who signed a four-year contract with the serial-procedural, about her take on what the future holds for the kick-ass and wonderfully moody Sam Shaw:

“As of now, the way it’s situated, in the season opener, I’m a member of the team. Not really a member, but an additional hand. I know I’m going to be going undercover a lot this year. Another reason they wanted to bring me onto the show, they wanted another strong female dynamic on the show. I’m going to be going into the places that Reese can’t go.”

RelevantPerson Of Interest Season 3 First Look Photos

As for the possibility of Shaw’s increased presence cramping the style of the original avenging angels, Shahi opined:

“A lot of the reviews, the fans really enjoyed [Shaw-centric episode, “Relevance“]. But there were also some people who were like, ‘We want our team, we want Taraji and Fusco.’ And rightfully so. Am I worried about [fans not liking Shaw invading the format]? I mean, yeah, there’s definitely that element—I want to be protective of that. I don’t want people to think that I’m not representing the show in the right light. But at the end of the day, there’s not much I can do about that. My job is to tell the story the best way I know how with the highest degree of truth, and to represent the character as accurately as possible.”


Catch POI Season 3 this fall on CBS.


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    So they’re planning at least a six-year run for the show. That sounds about good.

    Happy to hear that Shahi is paying attention to the words of fans. I’m not worried about Shaw or Root taking anything away from the dynamic of the core four. I’m very excited about what Shaw and Root could add to the dynamic as regulars.

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