PERSON OF INTEREST: First Season 2 Promo Goes In Search Of Finch


CBS has launched the first promo for the highly-anticipated second season of Person Of Interest.

The promo may clock just 20 seconds but it manages to pack a lot of intriguing footage into the other side of that dramatic Finch abduction.

Among the highlights is (what seems to be) a flashback of Finch issuing the Machine with a direct mandate, “your job is to protect everyone,” he says, peering into ‘the Machine’ as though it were human. There’s also a clip of Reese and Carter talking Root and another intriguing moment between Reese and the show’s omnipresent fifth character. Check it out below:

I do wonder whether that little glimpse of Finch instructing the Machine with the lofty task of ‘protecting everyone’ — an intriguing point in itself — ties into the titular ‘contingency’ (though, of course, the actual contingency might be something else).

Certainly the idea here is that an architect such as Finch surely doesn’t build a machine with near-prophetic power without provisions for future events that might leave him in jeopardy. It’s going to be fascinating to see the complexity of the relationship between Finch and the Machine play out, and it seems fitting that the season will begin with Finch’s two ‘creations’, if you will, teaming up to save him.

Get another look into “The Contingency” with these new promotional photos from the episode. POI Season 2 premieres Sept. 27 on CBS.


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