PERSON OF INTEREST: CBS Coughs Up Season 2 Premiere Date


The CBS fall premiere dates are finally in — and you want to know exactly when the increasingly seriable and increasingly excellent Person Of Interest continues, right?

The second season of POI premieres Thursday, September 27 at 9/8c — which can’t come soon enough for most fans after last season’s climax. Hang in there Finchy baby!

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  1. starg8fans says

    Awesome, PoI and Fringe premier on consecutive days this fall. Really looking forward to this week! And with Spn moving to Wednesdays, my three favorite shows don’t overlap anymore. Great scheduling where I’m concerned!

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  2. Tom says

    Person of interest needs a make over. The story is your average every day guy who cleans up the town while recruits the police to aid in his ventures. This is around some secret computer that is the basis for the show. I don’t expect this show to last to long, there’s not much you can do with the plot. Hopefully this won’t be another HOUSE dragging on & on the same old story. The actors chosen are great & I would like to see them move on to better things. Season 1, I watch the plot.. I thought it was interesting then things just didn’t make sense.. you started to see flash backs from time to time which raises more questions. As I continued to watch season 1, I wasn’t to sure where this series was going, they added some new guy who pops in from time to time who I suppose is the baddest guy in town who doesn’t even fit the character. At times the season 1 was boring & at other times it was not so boring. I’m not sure how much longer this show will be able to keep it together but I think they can pull it off if the writers can all come up with something exciting to offer the viewers. With that I wish them the best. I haven’t watched all of season 1, I figure I’lll buy the DVD set of both season 1 & 2 together when they come out. In the meantime, when time permits I’ll glance to see if there’s anything new.

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    • Dan says

      @Tom.. Are you kidding me??
      You admit to not watching the whole series thus you can not truly give a fair review of the programme.
      The plot is outstanding, at no stage was I or the other 99% of people who watched it “bored”. I couldn’t wait until the next episode if anything.
      The flashbacks are part of the storyline. They fill in questions you might have as to the background while also creating questions which will most definitely be answered later. If you haven’t realizsed yet… Its all used to keep you interested and watching.
      The “Bad Guy” character is supposed to be seen as an ordinary guy that does not fit the role. He is not your typical run of the mill “Bad Guy” like in other programmes that are actually boring.
      You say the plot is boring but if you watched it properly you would not feel this way, unless you have an unrealistic thought of what a programme should be like. I am from Ireland, where the show is not broadcast yet, which means I used stay up till 3 in the morning to watch this show live online from american tv and I must say not once have I regretted my decision.
      Please refrain from reviewing a programme until you have watched it fully and have a realistic view.

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    • Randy says

      Hey Tom,
      House did pretty well. P.O.I. is better than what you give it credit for, evidently it’s not quite your taste. Try Fringe, it’s fairly bizarre.

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  3. Glim says

    POI is by far the best programme around at the moment, thought provoking and gripping all at the same time. Also Michael Emerson and Jim Caviesel are really excellent in their respective roles. Cannot wait for season 2

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  4. says

    This movie by far is the best movie i have ever watched apart from its action its so touching cant wait for season 2 am proud to say best movie i have watched since i was born i feel am part of the movie,thumbs up to the team

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  5. Troy Yarde says

    POI is an excellent show, who said its boring knows not what they are talking about, Just can’t wait for season 2, excellent show.

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  6. David says

    Cannot wait for the 27th. This show is far from boring as one poster stated. The new twists they add are interesting and intriguing.

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  7. Randy says

    I enjoy it. In fact, I get together with a friend every Thursday and we make an event out of it. I like the “helper” aspect of the plot, and also that “Reese” isn’t quite infallible. We look forward to each episode and especially the new season. Good show!

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  8. mchardex says

    Dis movie is great…..dia s love, romans,action,suspense..etc..its jes sooo great….cant wait to see d second out…its not in anyway boring…i love it!ride on guys

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