PERSON OF INTEREST: Season 2 Navigates The Machine


After a fascinating climax to its first season, fans of Person of Interest are excited to know where the show will go next and how much it will commit to the central mythology in S2.

Season 1 finale spoilers follow

The signals are good. According to creator Jonathan Nolan, Season 2 will focus largely on The Machine — which makes sense, given that Reese seemed to communicate directly with the machine after Finch was kidnapped at the end of Season 1.

Nolan assures (via TV Guide):

“Our relationship with The Machine has been one that we haven’t questioned too much. We think we understand what it is, but the idea in the second season is to challenge those assumptions. [We want] to take that fifth character, who’s largely been a silent partner, and start [letting Reese know] how that works.

That sounds very intriguing and it seems to be building further towards the idea that The Machine is sentient on some level. Speaking of awareness, it will be interesting to find out just how much Finch knows (or thinks he knows) about the Machine’s true nature — though I do suspect he might have a clue. Nolan adds:

‘What is the machine, really?’ is a huge question for Season 2.”

Season 2 boots up Sept. 27 on CBS

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  1. Mary says

    Thanks Roco, always pleasure to hear about POI, cannot wait for Sept. 27, and I also LOVE to see Alcatraz season 2, that show was really GREAT too.

    Like: Thumb up 2

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