PERSON OF INTEREST: Michael Emerson On THAT Cliffhanger & Its Influence On Season 2


Recovered yet from the Person Of Interest season finale? It’s certainly a potential game-changer that digs into the mouth-watering mythology of the Machine, and according to Michael Emerson it will determine the direction of Season 2.

The following story contains MAJOR spoilers for the Person Of Interest season finale. Continue at own discretion!

First a quick rewind: The finale saw the mysterious hacker Root reveal herself to Finch before whisking him away to tickle him with feathers until giving her access to the Machine (that last past didn’t happen). With Finch missing, Reese, who is used to whispering to himself, did the amazing and talked to the Machine via a surveillance camera, demanding its help to get Finch back. A pay phone rings, Reese answers, episode cuts on the WTF. Is it true, has the Machine acquired self awareness!?

The Machine detects the “continuity error” and calculates its options

Michael Emerson is certainly getting aboard that train, saying:

“We’re so used to thinking of the machine in one way – as the ever-present source of information in the background. It’s sort of omniscient but definitely under the control of its builders and operators. I don’t think anyone has ever considered that the machine was capable of independent activity. I think that’s a notion that comes up before we’re┬ádone.”

While the sentient-potential of the Machine has been speculated throughout the season, to see the show ‘go down the rabbit hole’, as it were, is another thing and rather shocking.

As for how the cliffhanger will influence Season 2, Emerson said:

“It’s a great cliff-hanger and it will determine everything that happens for quite a few episodes when we come back in Season 2. The real physical danger will surprise the audience, and the audience will be left thinking, ‘How can they go on doing what they do?’ The circle must be broken, the audience will feel.”

Indeed, there’s no doubt that the finale will have fans speculating all the way into the fall. Where the story goes from here is enough to make your mouth water.

Person Of Interest returns Thursdays, this fall on CBS.

Source: TV Guide

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