PERSON OF INTEREST Producers On Mythology: ‘It’s All About The Machine’


One of the most intriguing mythologies introduced to Seriabledom this season has surely been the Person Of Interest Machine. The future-predicting enigma certainly gives Touch‘s Jake a run for his pocket money in the gifted stakes.

Speaking at the recent Paley Center event honoring Person Of Interest, executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman agreed: “It’s all about the Machine” as the story continues to construct its overarching mythology.

Plageman said:

“It’s such a large thing looming over the show, in terms of the mythology but also the generator of the stand-alone case, [and also] to say, can something like that exist, has it already been built? What some people may view has science-fiction, we realize may already be here, and I think it’s such a big concept that it continues to nourish the show and will for the coming years.”

Find out what else they had to share on the future of the series, in particular the upcoming season 1  finale, via the player below (courtesy TV Watch Tower):

POI Producers on Serialized/Procedural Combination

Michael Emerson (Harold) and Jim Caviezel (Reese) tease the upcoming episodes:

Source: TVWatchTower

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  1. Heitor Bastos says

    When not on a standalone episode, Person of Interest is one the best show out there nowadays. The standalone are ok, but the seriable ones are on a diferent level.

    Like: Thumb up 3

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