PERSON OF INTEREST: Kevin Chapman Talks Lionel Fusco, Originality & Season 2


Kevin Chapman takes some time out tailing Finch to discuss Person Of Interest‘s originality, his character Lionel Fusco and Season 2.

On what he appreciates most about POI:

Its originality. I think when I first got the script, I found out who was involved in it, I just felt like it had the right pedigree to find an audience. It’s a futuristic story that really isn’t that futuristic. Look at the stuff that’s going on in the UK with the alleged phone hacking.

His favorite moment of the series so far:

 The pilot, actually. One of my favorite scenes is where Lionel’s staking out Reese and Reese turns the tables. That’s probably my favorite scene of the entire series. There’s so much tension heading out to Oyster Bay. He gives him an opportunity to redeem himself and everyone loves a good redemption story.

On what he’d like to see for Lionel if the show gets a second season:

I’m not an actor who makes suggestions to writers. I don’t like to get too comfortable into the character. I like to go on the journey with the character. I get my script every tenth day [and] it’s like Christmas. That’s my process.

Source: Star Pulse


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