PERSON OF INTEREST: 2.01 The Contingency – New Promo Photos, Returning Characters


We gave you a tease yesterday, today we have the full Person Of Interest Season 2 premiere photos.

With Finch kidnapped in last season’s finale, Reese goes to the root of the problem in these “Contingency” shots. While the Machine’s role remains in question, Reese receives help from sidekicks Carter, Fusco and guest star Ken Leung. Can he get his friend back in time? I think I speak for all of us when I say let’s root for Reese. Oh dear. Check out the updated gallery below:

CBS | HT Ken

So the question is, what is the ‘contingency’, when did it kick in and how will it come into play?

Speaking of play, TV Line has confirmed the following returning players in the second season of the CBS serial-procedural — so far coming back are: Jay O. Sanders (“Pennsylvania Two”), Robert John Burke (Fusco’s NYPD bud Simmons), Annie Parisse and Mike Kelly (CIA operatives Kara Stanton and Mark Snow).

Season 2 premieres Thursday, Sept. 27 on CBS

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