PERSON OF INTEREST: 2.01 Contingency – First Photo Goes To The Root


All summer long Person Of Interest fans have demanded “Where’s Finch!?” at every available surveillance camera. Today, the first sighting of the mind behind the Machine — and his nemesis — has been coughed up by CBS.

And if this first-look photo is anything to go by, it looks like Root (Amy Acker) still has Finch (Michael Emerson) by the short and curlies as they face-off in what appears to be a pharmacy:

Has Finch been caught attempting to put his ‘contingency’ into action, or is Root stepping up her play for ‘the keys’ to the Machine?

If the new season begins like the last one ended then this episode is sure to be a blast — I just hope the status quo isn’t shuffled back by the end of the episode as Root needs to pose a significant threat for the avenging angels to be an effective and believable villain — if indeed we can paint her as one-dimensionally as that (I certainly hope not!).

“Contingency” airs Thursday, September 27 at 9/8c on the CBS Television Network.

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