Orphan Black Unanswered Questions & Answers – Seasons 1 & 2

orphan black unanswered questions

We’ve compiled an ongoing list of all the important unanswered questions and reveals from the first two seasons of BBC America’s Orphan Black. Find out whether the serialized clone drama has designs on answering all of its mysteries. Updated weekly.


1. How many clones are there? So far the following have been revealed/referenced:

  1. Sarah Manning
  2. Elizabeth “Beth” Childs (RIP)
  3. Katja Orbinger (RIP)
  4. Alison Hendrix
  5. Cosima Niehaus
  6. Helena
  7. Danielle Fournier (presumed RIP)
  8. Janika Zingler (presumed RIP)
  9. Aryanna Giordano (presumed RIP)
  10. Rachel Duncan
  11. Jennifer Fitzsimmons (RIP)

2. How did Kira recover from her injuries? We know she’s “special,” but is it specifically related to her DNA / the fact that Sarah is a clone?

3. What’s the deal with Kira’s spooky abilities? She recognized straight away that Alison wasn’t her mother; felt a connection with Helena, who turned out to be her aunt; and predicted that something bad was going to happen moments before her abduction. Can we put this down to her DNA given that her mother’s the only known clone (so far) who can have children?

4. What did Rachel mean when she told Sarah that “Motherhood is wonderful”? Is Rachel also a mother? Does she have designs on being one? Does she see herself as mother to the ‘Orphans’?

5. Who is the ‘original clone’? Ah, that old chestnut! Actually, it is a very pertinent question. Sarah finds out that neither Helena or herself are the fabled ‘original’ clones. The knowledge that she is not the original but instead born of science sends Helena over the edge, killing her birth mother Amelia and prompting Sarah to put her ‘bad twin’ (tee-hee) down once and for all. The original clone (if there is one) is still unknown at the end of the first season.

6. Exactly how involved in “Project Leda” was Mrs. S?

7. Who was driving the truck that smashed into the Neolution Henchman and Sarah, forcing them off the road? The Proletarians? Cal? Mrs. S? Kirakinesis?…

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  1. skylar says

    Thanks too for the screenshot of the scientists. Why is there a guy with a big gun in the photo of the scientists? Were they there of their own volition?

    I’m having a hard time understanding the timeline… where was Sarah as a child before she came to live with Mrs. S (and is Mrs. S the female scientist in the photo?) if she was near to Kira’s age when she arrived? If we assume she was in another foster care home or state facility, who was worried about Sarah if Amelia had given “one [newborn] to the church and one to the state” because she was worried about them? And how did Amelia miraculously discover where Mrs. S was if Mrs. S was hiding them, and what did Mrs. S really believe she was hiding them from? Her explanation was really weak.

    Since Allison met Donny in high school, I’m guessing that he wasn’t her monitor from the start, not until Neolution had something to blackmail him with… but it does say something about him if you compare him with Paul and Delphine who knew their monitorees for a lot less time, but had enough empathy/respect for them to come clean when confronted. Donny and Allison are even bonded by kids.

    I have no doubt Kira’s never talked about, asked about, or named father will turn up as important sooner or later.

    It’s a compelling show. Cosima and Allison are offset Sarah well. I hope Cosima can be cured!

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  2. _lost_stef_ says

    I have a question, Why is Felix so important that Mrs. S brought him with Sarah to the states? Could he be a clone as well?

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    • Page 48 says

      “Could he (Felix) be a clone as well?” Maybe ‘Vic the Dick’ is Felix’s monitor.

      “Mrs. S brought him with Sarah to THE STATES”. Yikes, Torontonians will be crying themselves to sleep tonight. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      Why did Allison actually let her PIA soccer-mom-neighbour-chick die in the garburator? That seemed a bit harsh to me. I mean we all know people that we’d like to watch die in the kitchen, but really, Allison, that was just cold.

      Why did Beth carefully remove her shoes and neatly fold her jacket before walking in front of the train of pain? Is that the way a ‘proper’ lady does suicide-by-train? Do they teach that at Police Academy?
      How about Max Headroom hitting his stride in 2013, doing double duty on “Orphan Black” and “Falling Skies”? Late Night Leekie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eoqMSr1H1ek

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    • says

      I took it simply put that Mrs. S had already adopted Felix prior to the ordeal with Sarah and Amelia. And frankly, what kind of a foster-mother would she be if she didn’t take Felix when she fled to another continent with the other foster-child?
      I don’t think Felix clones would be a stretch, but at the same time, I feel like theorizing such is just reading too far into the conspiracy. I don’t make much sense there…

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  3. Guest says

    I feel there is some significance to Mrs S. telling Felix that Kira is “a gift” in episode 2. When he answers that Sarah knows that Mrs S replies “No, she hasn’t a clue”. At the time it seemed sentimental but in the context of neolutionism and then Kira’s abilities, maybe Kira is not a gift from God, as implied, but a gift from someone on earth (Mrs S?, the Neolution movement? someone else?)

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  4. Cheri says

    Questions/loose ends I still have:
    -how did Katja find out about the deaths of the other European clones in the first place?
    -also, how did she find out about Beth? It seems likely that that information would have been one of the first things she told Beth, and would be a useful avenue to investigate.
    -what about the foster parents of Cosima and Alison–who were they, where are they now, and what information can they provide?

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  5. Parma says

    Siobhan ‘Mrs. S.’ Sadler and Dr. Aldous Leekie were a couple, and two very bright young cientists.
    Mrs. S. was however sterile and their relationship changed because of that. (Maybe a miscarriage before discovering she was sterile just to make it more macabre)
    So they decide to use their own DNA to fertilize Amelia and birth new clones of themselves.
    Paul, Donnie and Felix are all younger versions of Dr. Leekie as all the female clones are of Mrs. S..
    Their final intentions were to create the chance to meet the daughter they could never have… Kira.


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