ONCE UPON A TIME: Will The Evil Queen Use Magic To Win Back Henry?


Lana Parrilla was as shocked as anyone by the ‘game-changing’ Once Upon A Time first season finale.

In the climax to the first season, Emma broke (or at least weakened) the curse, restoring the fairytale character’s memories, while Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin brought magic to Storybrooke — a move that Parrilla’s Evil Queen greeted with an evil smirk.

The actress believes this move will expand the story going forward into Season 2. She told E! Online:

“It was a very bold choice, but a very successful one because now I feel like we can go anywhere in the next season. Now that the curse is broken we can really do anything.”

As for what magic in Storybrooke means for Regina/Evil Queen in Season 2, Parrilla doesn’t yet know, but she has an idea:

“What I foresee happening, is somehow Fairytale Land is going to surface in Storybrooke because you know it’s buried underneath. But I could be totally wrong!”

Of course, the finale also saw Regina lose her adopted son, Annoying Henry, but Parrilla is curious as to whether she’ll use magic to win him back:

“I really think it’s an important relationship not just for the audience but for these characters to resolve. Be it magic or honesty or just pure love, I hope she’s able to get Henry back somehow.”

Fans of Once will get the chance to tease more Season 2 tidbits from the cast and creators when the show comes to Comic-Con this July.

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