ONCE UPON A TIME: Who Is The Evil Queen’s Former Love?


Mirror Mirror on the wall, who Once loved Regina, warts and all? This Sunday’s Once Upon A Time not only properly introduces King Leopold, but sheds light on the Evil Queen’s former love and the backstory of the MirrorGiancarlo Esposito previews the episode.

Based on the previews, will Sidney really try to help Emma take down Regina?:

One of the wild cards in the story is Sidney. We don’t quite know where he stands. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? In this particular episode, you see he takes a stand against the mayor, which is very interesting because she’s put him in his job. There is that mystical back story that we have in the fairy tale land that, oftentimes, relates to what we do in the Storybrooke world. This is an interesting episode because it leads to us finding out more about who Sidney really is in both worlds.

On the intersection between Storybrooke and events from the fairytale past:

This whole storyline is so much about the truth, and she really takes him down. Regina hurts his feelings in such a deep way, but it comes from that other world that we don’t yet know about. You’ll also find a very big surprise in this episode because all that you see is not really what’s real.

Once Upon A Time Easter Eggs — 7:15 AM

On who his character was before he became the Mirror:

He was a person who really believed in love and had aspirations and dreams. Because of what happened between he and Regina, that was taken away from him. Now, he’s left with bitterness, anger and a desire to change his circumstance. Before that, he was a man that had hope and believed in people and goodness. So we see someone who is broken in many ways trying to find their way back to good.

On the possibility that the Mirror was the Evil Queen’s much-speculated prior love interest who we’ve already met:

Absolutely. I would suggest that there was something a lot deeper between them that didn’t go quite the way it was supposed to. Nothing is ever as it seems. We’re assuming that it went both ways, but maybe it didn’t. Maybe it was just another ruse. It is heartbreaking.

Source: TV Guide

While there are a few other possibilities, Sidney/the Mirror as EQ’s former love would make a lot of sense — particularly given that tonight’s episode is heavily weighted on both characters.

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