ONCE UPON A TIME Wakes Up Sleeping Beauty — Sarah Bolger Cast For Season 2


You wait all lowatus for one, and two come along at Once! Literally! On the heels of news that Mulan will be wielding her way to Once Upon A Time‘s second season, comes confirmation that Sleeping Beauty will be right behind her. Assuming she can get her ass out of bed, that is.

TV Line has confirmed that Princess Aurora will be played by The Tudors actress Sarah Bolger in the fantasy serial’s second season.

While Mulan may have to forge new territory in Season 2, Aurora’s backstory has already been foreshadowed, in a sense. Fairytale legend has it she was cursed at the age of 16 by none other than Maleficent — last seen in dragon-form underneath Storybrooke — who made her prick her finger on a spinning wheel and (ultimately) fall into a deep sleep.

Maleficent was of course defeated by Emma Swan at the end of the first season, but you’d have to think the chances of seeing Kristin Bauer van Straten again in the land that was are even stronger now that Aurora’s on board. Bauer herself recently said “anything can happen” when asked to ponder the possible return of Regina’s only friend.

Aurora’s arrival was recently teased by consulting producer/writer Jane Espenson, who said:

“There are a whole lot of princesses we haven’t seen — like Aurora, Rapunzel and Jasmine. And it’s hard to look at that list without going, ‘Well, what about Goldilocks?!’

I’m personally hoping for a great big spindle-off, what with Rumplestiltskin and Aurora both having an affinity with ye old spinning wheel. Though in all seriousness, it should be interesting to see how and where she fits into proceedings. She’s not not quite as intriguing as Mulan in my personal opinion. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding. Hopefully Aurora will be a great addition and help impact the central story in a positive way.

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