ONCE UPON A TIME Opens The Door To Oz? Plus: August Season 2 Plans


Once Upon A Time has ventured to Fairytale Land, Wonderland, and has its sights on Neverland — if Captain Hook gets his way. But what about Oz?

While Oz was foreshadowed in last season’s Wonderland-themed episode, “Hat Trick,” turns out the home of Emerald City was also referenced in the very first episode.

EP Edward Kitsis explains (via TV Guide):

“What’s interesting is if you go back and look at the pilot, there’s a page of flying monkeys in Henry’s book. If I would go back and re-watch it — or buy the DVD coming out in August — and you pause on the book, you might see it.”

The aforementioned scene is when Emma crashes her. Fellow EP Adam Horowitz adds:

“The book flips through a number of pages. There are glimpses of images, one of which are the flying monkeys from Oz.”

While the producers nor ABC were drawn on whether the story will visit Oz in Season 2, it certainly looks as though it’s in their overarching plans. If that happens I imagine Dorothy or someone from that realm would be introduced ala the Mad Hatter.

One of the clever things OUAT has done, in a similar vein to LOST and Fringe, is seed clues and possible storylines early on. For shows of this ilk (highly visual, puzzle-geared seriables) it provides interactivity for viewers and a certain ‘connectedness’ later in the game. Not all of these seeds grow into a beanstalks, but for those that do it delivers a deeper viewing experience.

Elsewhere, the show also has plans to resolve August/Pinnochio’s story. The character apparently died after turning into wood in last season’s finale, but with magic now in Storybrooke: is dead, dead? Horowitz told TV Line:

“We gotta figure out what happened to him. We started the story and we intend to finish it.”

Could be wrong but that sounds like they plan to round-off his story, which I think wood be about right. As mysterious as he was, he served his purpose and unless we’re talking flashbacks I’m not sure how useful he would be. Something has to stick. That said, maybe Emma can plant him in her garden?

Once returns to ABC this fall.

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  1. Sherr says

    That picture of flying monkeys in the book (Pilot ep) is why I so hoped August would have an Oz connection. They have yet to explain why his bike has a Kansas plate, too! I am STILL disappointed with the Pinocchio storyline! LOL

    I think they need to bring August back to life (the Blue Fairy made him a boy, she should be able to do it again now that she’ll have her magic back); he is the only one we know of besides Emma who has lived in the “real” world and she’ll need a friend who has shared that experience. He neglected his duty before, now’s a chance to redeem himself. Marco needs him, too.

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    • Doc says

      Hi Sherr,

      I managed to capture a clear enough screen shot of that page, however, it was from episode 3 (pilot shot was not clear enough) as MM took the Book home after reading to David (John Doe) in the ICU and read it while sitting on her bed. It was clear enough to confirm that it was the story of Quelala and the Golden Cap from the OZ series. Are you familiar with? I wasn’t….. to my own shame, lol. I’m sure this was just a seeding from Disney to keep our curiosity in the realm of OZ til they could launch their media campaign for their own “OZ the Great and Powerful” set to open March 8, 2013 http://disney.go.com/thewizard/# , at which time, Im sure, we’ll be well on our way into OUaT’s OZ storyline. Of course, this would be purely coincidental and have nothing to do with marketing or timing…..right? LOL!

      However, I’ve since confirmed my hunches on a few quandaries.
      August’s bike is a “custom” job of an Indian Chief Dark Horse:
      except his bike has the headlight assembly & forks (w/o windshield) of the Indian Chief Vintage: (thus the term custom)
      August’s bike:

      And the only thing about his bike that was ’84 was the plate, not his bike.
      I imagine that’s the reason he can ride around in ’84 Storybrooke w/o citation. Technically, it’s still legally registered!..LOL!

      And that August’s plate IS a Disney reference and not a LOST ref’, as I suspected. KANSAS being the place Walt was from and 23 being the year (October 16, 1923) that he came to Hollywood, Ca. Confirmed this recently after finding out about a club and an event held by Disney known by the name D23 @DisneyD23 . It is virtually their Comic Con held every two years in Anahiem, California. And what month do you suppose it is held in?……………………………………wait for it!, Yup, you guessed it!

      I’m still with you, however, that the Pinocchio storyline holds water like a fishnet!. But, as far as his fate,…. didn’t he make that clear to us and Emma simultaneously when she asked him “How do I stop this!?” and he answered “Break the Curse, you can save all of…(us, in a moan)” suggesting that once broken he would return to flesh and blood status, would it not?

      And one more thing about that bike. I kept getting the feeling that, that bike has magical properties of some kind, but, only in Storybrooke, or within the “realm” of Storybrooke, which, I get the feeling extends beyond it’s physical, geographical nature. For example, IF we visit OZ, we will be visiting a fairytale world, correct? And in that fairytale world exists a Kansas, obviously not the Kansas of our real world, but the Kansas that exists within the context of the story of OZ. Immediately creating two states of Kansas,…the real one and the fairytale one. From the moment that August pulled into Stoybrooke it has seemed to me that he was from Storybrooke ….. and from abroad,…… but from the abroad within Storybrookes realm,….. not the real Phuket, but the Phuket that exists within the realm of Storybrooke and that bike, an Indian Chief Dark Horse, possesses the ability to travel through that entire realm or world within Storybrooke. To this day, I still don’t believe that he and Emma ever left Storybrooke on that bike for the real world… our world. Oh sure, I believe they left the Storybrooke city limits, but, I don’t think they left and came into our world. I believe they traveled within that fairytale realm, that alternate realm that, that bike, much like Jefferson’s Hat, has the ability to do.
      Obviously, this would mean that August/Pinocchio left our real world and Emma, and made his way to Storybrooke at some point, either as a man or adolescent and fearing having to tell his father Geppetto/Marco that he failed Emma, found that bike in Storybrooke and began his travels throughout, but, within the realm of Storybrooke.That is until Emma arrived and started time. It would also explain how he got here so fast, all the way from the Island of Phuket, Thailand,…. on a motorcycle! lol!

      If it wasn’t for that plate reading 1984, this comment wouldn’t have been so long!…… lol!

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