ONCE UPON A TIME: 20+ Heart-Stopping Season 1 Mysteries


While Once Upon A Time answered many of the questions it posed in its first season, it also left behind a trail of exotic mysteries. We’ve compiled a list of 20+ Unanswered Questions from Once Upon A Time Season 1 that will surely keep fans speculating all the way into season 2.

Click through our gallery of unanswered OUAT mysteries below:

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1. Who is Henry’s father?

The identity of Henry’s father is a long-running mystery that is surely being held back for later seasons. What we do know is that Emma wants Henry to believe that his father died a hero, but as she tells Mary Margaret, he was anything but a hero and believes the little moppet is better off not knowing him. Ooh..


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2. Who and Where is Baelfire?

Well, he’s not August — that much we can be sure — but his adult identity remains a mystery. Who is he, and would Mr. Gold even recognize him, given the whole August affair?

Bae’s bravery juxtaposed the cowardice of his father, who willingly let him fall down the giant green glowing hole into a world without magic. But where is this world, we ask? It certainly remains to be seen whether Bae is somewhere on Earth or in another world without magic.


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3. Who is the Queen of Hearts?

Her identity shrouded in mystery, she reigns over Wonderland and has a long-running beef with Regina, whose father she shrunk and imprisoned in a box. When we met her in “Hat Trick“, her face was conveniently covered and her voice muffled, leaving plenty of room for the QoH to become a significant character in subsequent seasons. An choice put forward by Seriable reader ramona is that she’s actually Regina’s mother — that would certainly explain the daddy stealing and their affinity with hearts.


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4. How many Realms are there?

One of the most fascinating aspects of Once Upon A Time‘s first season was the introduction of alternate dimensions — those with magic, those without magic, those with a little bit of magic, and so on. There’s Fairytale Land, Earth, Wonderland, and wherever Baelfire went — not to mention the multitude of other realms represented by doors inside Jefferson’s hat. Just how many worlds are there?


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5. The Rules of Inter-dimensional Travel

By the end of the first season, there were several established methods of travelling between the various worlds, including Jefferson’s hat, the magic beans (of which there are no more, apparently), the Enchanted tree of Enchantment (of which there are no more, apparently), as well as memory. But magic has rules, or at least boundaries. Will the “rules” of inter-demensional travel always be arbitrary; a plot device that is never really explained beyond the fact that it’s magic! — or will the story dig into the specific mechanisms behind these concepts? Hmm..


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6. Rumples’ Wife

Another Rumples mystery surrounds the identity of his presumed dead wife and Baelfire’s mother. The manner in which she apparently turned her back on Rumples for his cowardice during the Ogre war makes her ripe for a shock reveal at some stage. At the very least, she’s one of the off-screen characters that fans are most interested to meet. Who is she? Is she really dead? Why was she so mean?..


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7. The Land With Magic

Of course, one of the biggest ‘unanswered mysteries’ in the first season of OUAT came at the very end, with the breach of the curse and the arrival of the purple smoke monster magic to Earth/Storybrooke. We’ve seen small glimpses of magic intersecting Earth throughout the season, such as Regina making a mess of the Huntsman’s heart and retrieving the apple of evil from the land that was, but how will the arrival of these magical properties affect the Storybrooke side of the story, what opportunities and consequences will it bring?

Whatsmore, is magic restricted to Storybrooke, or is the entire Earth now a purple bundle of FUN and MAYHEM?!? It seems fans will enter the second season on relatively uncertain terms — and Mr. Gold would have it no other way!


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Other Unanswered Mysteries

  • Apples aside, what is the history between Regina and the Blind Witch?
  • Which fairytale character is Dr. Whale?
  • How did Regina come to imprison Belle?
  • What ‘things’ did Cora, Regina’s mother, have to do to obtain her immense power?
  • What became of Cora?
  • Is August still ‘dead’ even though the curse was partially broken?
  • Who else does Regina have hidden underneath Storybrooke?
  • Can the curse be fully broken?
  • What magical powers will Emma have now that magic has arrived in Storybrooke?
  • Uh, who’s been pulling sheriff duty while Emma’s been preoccupied?
  • Is the curse/magic cloud self-aware? (heh)
  • Is there enough magic to implant David Nolan with a personality?
  • Which new fairytale characters will we see in Season 2?
  • Will the downturn in sales of apple turnovers pick up in the back-half of 2012?
  • Who is the narrator?

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  1. Sami H says

    http://t.co/XgbQ4H8u As far as 1 and 2 Bae is Henry’s father in My onion as far as TQoH I think she’s Emma. Esp now that time travel is cannon. Check out my theory on Once Upon A Time Fans Uk.

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      • says

        @Sami — Interesting idea, that could certainly explain what they were so busy doing. The Blue Fairy – unreliable narrator? 😉

        Like: Thumb up 2

    • says

      @Sherr — For my part, I place that under ‘who is the narrator’. I agree though, we could be looking at plural.

      Like: Thumb up 1

  2. Doc says

    “IF,…… the writers stick to their own rules…. which we’ve seen they’re willing to change when faced with the inconvenience of their own original rules!,….. Baelfire, being Henry’s father, would make Henry 100% fairytale character and would have trapped him, like everyone else in Storybrooke, after his arrival and he would not have been able to leave Storybrooke to find Emma in Boston.

    I believe Rumple’ or actually Mr.Gold wrote and illustrated the Book there in Storybrooke. I think he would be the only one in Storybrooke to leave himself out of it. The Blue Fairy or anyone else would not have had a reason to leave him out of the Book. Henry’s character has been written to be too intelligent not to have figured out that Mr.Gold was Rumplestiltskin had Rumple’ been in the Book. Thus, we’re left to assume he is not, simply based on the intelligence of Henry’s character. There is also an illustration of Regina’s mausoleum that is in Storybrooke only. It bears the symbol that Sheriff Graham sees in his flashbacks and recognizes in Henry’s Book. That mausoleum only exists in Storybrooke, as one would assume that had a family mausoleum existsed in FairyTale Land, Regina would have put her father there rather than in the ground with a headstone as we clearly saw at the end of Ep.2 “The Thing You Love Most”. So that illustration in the Book could only have been made “after” their arrival to Storybrooke, leading us back to whom in Storybrooke would have wanted that Book written? Gotta be Gold!

    Like: Thumb up 3

  3. Sherr says

    Hi there, Doc! :) As you know, I’m trying to avoid speculation about OUaT since it has been proven (as you say) that the writers don’t feel compelled to play by their own rules; however, I wouldn’t agree that Henry being 100% fairytale character would necessarily prevent his leaving Storybrooke. Two reasons: (1) The Evil Queen vowed to curse all those living in the Enchanted Forest Lands (and perhaps beyond … see: Jefferson) some 18-19 years before Henry was born, so he might not be covered; and (2) Henry’s purpose in leaving was to bring Emma to Storybrooke, thus to fulfill the Prophecy (aka loophole/escape clause) of the Curse’s designer, Rumpelstiltskin. Perhaps we could say that Henry is a product of the Loophole (Emma) rather than of the Contract (Curse).

    As for the Author of Henry’s book — yes, I agree that Rumpel is the only one *we know of* who would have motive (it was like the trigger for the loophole) and knowledge of all the characters. And yes it is very suspicious that Rumpel’s story is not included in the book. I do find it odd and surprising that August would be able to alter it, though, by adding his own Pinocchio story. (Hey, why was that omitted in the original?) Wonderful point about the Mausoleum, Doc, but WHEN did Rumpel write the book if, as is now suggested, he didn’t remember the past until he heard Emma’s name – at least six months AFTER Henry got it?

    Ack, any good theory/answer raises half-a-dozen new questions because all our guesswork is based on unreliable information! :(

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  4. Sami H says

    Also I bet Regina had Jefferson kidnapped Belle. And that cost him his wife.

    Cora is probably dead. HoD Rumple told Charming. If SW killed EQ she would become like her. So Regina most likely killed Cora on quest for vengeance. WWDT

    I want to know what Realm the dagger came from. BF says to Bae Rumples magic is not specific to our realm (FTL) And hopefully Rumple was smart enough to rehide it.

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  5. Kit says

    Rumple didn’t create the book, at least not after he arrived in SB (could have written it before, though). First, HoroKits has already confirmed that he didn’t have any memory of being Rumple until Emma arrived. Secondly, in response to Doc, the illustration in Henry’s book is of Regina’s wall of hearts, NOT the mausoleum where her father is buried. In FTL the wall of hearts has the same symbol above it as the mausoleum (which in and of itself is pretty interesting, and makes sense considering her heart boxes are under said mausoleum). I rewatched parts of the episode after I read the comment and it’s definitely not the same structure as the one in SB. Personally I love the fairy theory and I hope the writers give us more insight into what exactly they were doing prior to the curse. My personal theory is that magic was dwindling in FTL, so the fairies prepared to leave FTL altogether and move everyone to a new land where magic could be restored full force (evidence: no more magic beans, no more magic trees, what other magic has disappeared?)

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  6. ramona says

    I think Bae is the author of Henry’s book. He must have written it out of longing for his homeland or to leave clues to help his father find him. I also think Bae is Henry’s father.

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